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The Summit Vanuatu controls the largest single resource of sandalwood in the South Pacific, and the second largest in the world.  We use only natural ingredients sourced from Vanuatu islands to create our sandalwood, tamanu and nangai oil skin care products. We believe passionately in supporting local entrepreneurs and growers.

Your Skin’s Health is Our Mission. We care for your skin and your family’s skin health.

We believe in cutting out waste of all kind and we care for our environment. We want jobs for our people, so our unique packaging is all handcrafted by our Summit Team from recycled cardboard, hand made rosettes for our gift packs and other local materials.

We also offer a NO RISK TO YOU 100% Money Back Guarantee.


At The Summit we distil essential oils and mix them with other natural and organically grown ingredients sourced from the islands of Vanuatu to make creams, balms, soaps, and sandalwood hydrosol based health & body products. We make all of our products at The Distillery on site, by hand, and our production processes are all observable by our visitors.

The Summit is located 200m above sea level overlooking beautiful Mele bay in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu in the tropical South Pacific. Come and visit us when in Vanuatu or take a Virtual Tour.

Vanuatu is blessed with a natural abundance of sunshine, unpolluted air, rich volcanic soil, pristine oceans and rivers. Last but not least, we benefit from a superb collection of plants which have been used for centuries by the indigenous kleva or tribal doctor to keep his people healthy long before the white man came to the islands.

What To See

Discover a world of adventure, beauty and fascination at The Summit, near Port Vila, Vanuatu. Go on a guided tour of The Summit Gardens. Experience The Summit Plantation with sandalwood and other essential oil plants. Watch health and beauty products being made at The Summit Essential Oils Distillery. Book your tour here.

stmp Made exclusively from ingredients grown and harvested in our gardens and around the islands of Vanuatu by small family farms.         smallbunnyTested only on willingly and blissfully moisturised humans.           guaranteedAbsolutely and unconditionally. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply drop us a line and we will refund you the full cost of purchase and shipping.           Worldwide Shipping of freshly picked, distilled and prepared products to your doorstep.

We are committed to bringing the amazing properties of Vanuatu sandalwood and other native plants to the rest of the world so we ship world wide without exceptions.

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For all the Family to ENJOY, EXPLORE & DISCOVER our MOST LOVED Tropical Gardens with the Most Amazing View!
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Foam all day absolutely from your hair to your toes, leaving your skin and hair with a deposit of rich, natural moisturizer.

Sandalwood Shock Absorber Face Balm for Him

Salve It!! – Magic Fix-All Ointment

Salve It!! – Magic Fix-All Ointment



Excellent refreshing, relaxing spray, which can be used as face and body mist, after shave and room freshener


Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

Island Beauty Daily Ritual Pack (Tropical Florals Range)

Island Beauty Daily Ritual Pack (Tropical Florals Range)

Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream


Forever Young – Tamanu Soap

Forever Young – Tamanu Soap


Moisture Magic Pack (Tropical Florals Range)


Tropical Island Therapy Pack

Tropical Island Therapy Pack

Janey Lee Grace UK Awarded our Salve It!!!

2015 Janey Lee Grace UK Awarded our Salve It!!!

N-F-banner-2-631x287 “to all our confirmed devotees of this fabulous product, you will be pleased to know people in the United Kingdom will now have the chance to enjoy its skin care benefits now the word is spreading”

Our 2014 Awarded Product Sandalwood & Lime After Shave

Our 2014 Awarded Product
Sandalwood & Lime After Shave

10gms Sandalwood Shock Absorber Face Balm for Him

10gms Sandalwood Shock Absorber Face Balm for Him

Moisture Magic Pack (Tropical Florals Range)

Moisture Magic Pack (Tropical Florals Range)

Moisture Magic Pack (Zingy Vibes Range)

Moisture Magic Pack (Earthy Passions Range)


10gms - Salve It!! – Magic Fix-All Ointment

10gms – Salve It!! – Magic Fix-All Ointment


10gm Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream

10gm Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream

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10gms Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Canarium Nut Balm

10gms Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Canarium Nut Balm

10gms - Salve It!! – Magic Fix-All Ointment

10gms – Salve It!! – Magic Fix-All Ointment


The Summit Gardens – the largest tropical gardens in the South Pacific. 11 named gardens, spread over 6 hectares unfolding as a series of surprises as you follow the meandering pathways. Thousands of different species originating from all over the world provide colour year round: water plants, succulents, orchids, bromeliads, heliconias, palms and cycads, vines, creepers, nut and fruit trees and numerous others. 200m above sea level, breath-taking views over Mele Bay, Hideaway Island, to distant Port Vila.   HOW TO GET HERE   Our  Shop & CAFE Re-Opens 2nd October 2015 FRIDAY        Our Gardens...

Our Plantation

The Summit Plantation – an essential oil plantation covering 200ha. Over 120,000 sandalwood trees – the wood has several uses and sandalwood oil, distilled from the heartwood of the tree, is used in many high-value perfumes. Tamanu and nangai nut trees, as well as coconut palms, are used to make cold-pressed oils. Flowers of ylang ylang trees and the pods from the vanilla vine are used to make tinctures. Essential oils are also distilled from the roots of ginger, vetiver grass and kava plants, and from the leaves of lime, tangelo and mandarin trees. Book your tour...

Our Distillery – FREE ADMISSION

The Summit Essential Oils Distillery Our small “Artisan” factory where we hand-make high quality health and body products. The distillation unit produces essential oils from the many trees and plants in the Plantation by use of steam, with valuable hydrosols as a by-product. The cold press produces oils which are more suited to this process. You will see our skilled craftspeople making a range of health and beauty products. HOW TO GET HERE...

On Sandalwood Hydrosol – This is the most beautiful sandalwood hydrosol I have ever used. The aroma is vibrant, deep and rich. I am thrilled to have this beautiful hydrosol to spray on my face. I also added some to my bath…it was heaven!

On Sandalwood Powder – I burned your sandalwood powder yesterday on some bamboo charcoal and the aroma was magnificent. Such a beautiful incense. I am going to use it in a face mask tonight. Thanks for this high quality powder.

Andrea Butje

Aromahead Director & Educator, LMT, Clinical Aromatherapist, AROMAHEAD.COM

On Pure Sandalwood Oil – over the phone… After testing your sandalwood oil, I love the result. I love the aroma, the texture and the result of your pure sandalwood oil. I appreciate the ethical growing and sustainability of your Sandalwood Tree.

Dr. Berkowsky

Founder/Teacher/N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C., Natural Health Sciences





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