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See what Health Professionals are saying:

“As a MD, PhD, focused on dermatology, I am very picky when it comes to skincare.

After using the Summit skincare line, I found my skin firmer, repaired and replenished. As I have dry, demanding skin, they helped a lot, especially during the cold wintertime.

I highly recommend trying the Summit skincare line. Not only your skin will thank you, but you will also help to heal the world.”

Dr Agnes Frankel

Fix Your Dry Skin!


Canarium Nut Balm is a dense, nutrient rich cream

100% Pure & Natural



deeply absorbing

Sandalwood Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil

Nangai Oil

Carrier & essential oils blend in high concentrations

for a perfectly balanced, NATURAL skincare boost

nourishing, smoothing, healing

Radiate good skin health!

What our customers are saying

Ahmed from Oman - 26 February 2021

With regards to your items in comparison to the Australian shop; yours are much better for sure but their sandalwood oil and album oil are extraordinarily. I didn’t have the chance to test yours to compare . But your soaps and others are far better.

Melissa from USA - 13 February 2021

Lesley, I LOVE your products!!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how clean and healthy your products have made my hair and skin look; they literally glow and shine! So, here’s who I am – http://www.imdb.me/melormelissa.com ….it’s very important for me to look my best and I’m a serious advocate for ‘clean’ products. That said, I know what I’m using with your products are good for my skin and hair and the results are showing! I will certainly be shouting you out to everyone I know! Thank you so much for creating something special with your line of exceptional inventory!!! YOUR PRODUCTS ARE AMAZING!

James from Massachusetts, USA - 15 October 2020

I can’t get enough of your product! It’s my FAVORITE soap and my FAVORITE oil to wear and now that you’ve sent me a sample of the sandalwood & nangai moisturizer cream I’m nearly speechless !!
I looked for the cream to buy on your site but I didn’t see it listed! PLEASE let me know when it will be for sale! You are amazing and talented and I’m SO grateful to continue support for your business!

Nicole from British Columbia, Canada - September 3, 2020

Thank-you so much! I sadly was not on Vanuatu when I discovered your beautiful products….but I sure hope to be one day!
I discovered Summit when I was searching for sandalwood powder to make incense with. I searched far and wide for the best sandalwood and landed firmly on yours. Then I was looking at all of your products and reviews and I thought I would give the products a try. I have been so incredibly happy with them. I am going to gift several items in my new order to a lovely 16 year old with skin struggles who is the daughter of a close friend. They visited a while ago and I shared what I had left with her and she loves it too.
    I am grateful to still be employed and able to support businesses that I really believe in. The Summit is very special and I wish everyone there health and happiness.
Thank-you so much for everything!

Becky from USA - August 6, 2020

“I can afford the shipping and ask that you just bill it in full.  I love your products and appreciate the difficult situation that you are in (caused by COVID-19).
God Bless each of you.”

Amanda from New Zealand - July 9, 2020

“I am really happy to find an eco based product that gives such great results and is so simple.

Thank you so much for all my lovely products xxx and the free samples what a lovely surprise x
I am telling all my friends about sandalwood and how gorgeous your products are.
All the best for you in Vanuatu- hope to see u again some time in the future.”

Stephen and Colleen from Australia - July 6, 2020

“I have received the items thank you very much. We also appreciate the extra tester you included. We love your products and hope to do business again with you soon.”

Nicole from Canada - July 5, 2020

“I hope everyone at Summit is doing very well and staying safe. I look forward to your wonderful products and credit them with a remarkable improvement in the quality of my skin. I also make my own incense with your beautiful sandalwood.”

Margaretha from Netherlands - June 2, 2020

“So happy to support a tiny bit. I learnt about your business when I was in Vanuatu. So I always bought your products locally. Initially it was simply because of our ‘rule’ to support the local economy by buying whatever we could locally and support any and all promising grassroots level initiatives, but I was soon also sold on the deliciousness of the fragrances and quality of the products. We were planning to return to Vanuatu for a few weeks this year around the 40th anniversary of Independence Day but that isn’t happening due to Covid, which triggered me to try and find you online – and I was lucky. I fully intend to remain a loyal customer!”

NANGAI OIL - Healing, Soothing, Deeply Nourishing

Janelle from Australia (verified owner)

“I only purchased a small 12ml to try. Well, it’s been amazing! It has dramatically helped my severe nerve pain in my legs from lipoedema (a disease which causes severe pain in the fat cells of affected areas) and from surgery I had in that area. It also really helps with itching and aches as well as being a luxurious moisturiser that my skin loves. I just ordered the largest size and its worth every penny”.

We love our beautiful Nangai Oil! When you buy The Summit’s Nangai Oil, you will receive a premium quality product, 100% pure, natural and undiluted. It is ethically sourced from farmers throughout Vanuatu, a unique island nation of natural gardeners. You will love it too! 

On Sandalwood Hydrosol – This is the most beautiful sandalwood hydrosol I have ever used. The aroma is vibrant, deep and rich. I am thrilled to have this beautiful hydrosol to spray on my face. I also added some to my bath…it was heaven!

On Sandalwood Powder – I burned your sandalwood powder yesterday on some bamboo charcoal and the aroma was magnificent. Such a beautiful incense. I am going to use it in a face mask tonight. Thanks for this high quality powder.

Andrea Butje

Aromahead Director & Educator, LMT, Clinical Aromatherapist, AROMAHEAD.COM

On Pure Sandalwood Oil – over the phone… After testing your sandalwood oil, I love the result. I love the aroma, the texture and the result of your pure sandalwood oil. I appreciate the ethical growing and sustainability of your Sandalwood Tree.

Dr. Berkowsky

Founder/Teacher/N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C., Natural Health Sciences

Recent Product Reviews

The origins of Summit Vanuatu stem from the largest single resource of sandalwood grown in the South Pacific and the second largest plantation in the world.

Only natural ingredients sourced from Vanuatu’s pristine islands are used to create our unique range of sandalwood based, tamanu, lime and nangai oil skin care products.

Our objective is to support village communities ethically at a grass-roots level and to empower smallholder farmers, with an emphasis aimed toward sustainability and gender equality.

We also care for the incredibly beautiful environment with which we are surrounded here in Vanuatu and make every effort to cut out waste. Our unique packaging for example is all handcrafted by our Summit Team using clean recycled cardboard and hand made rosettes.

At The Summit we distil essential oils and mix them with other natural and organically grown ingredients sourced from the islands of Vanuatu to make creams, balms, soaps, and sandalwood hydrosol based health & body products. We make all of our products at The Distillery on site, by hand, and our production processes are all observable by our visitors.

Our Summit Essential Oils Distillery is located close to town in Port Vila at the Tanna Coffee Roastery complex on Mele Road, just before the golf course. Here at our unique artisan facility we welcome visitors in the viewing area to observe operations, from the fascinating distilling process through to the production of our 100% natural health and skin care products. The Summit Skin Care Shop is also at this location and offers a full range of essential oils, face, body & health products, soaps & candles. The knowledgeable Summit Team will assist in choosing the product right for you. 

stmp Made exclusively from botanical ingredients grown and harvested in our gardens and from those of small-holder farms located in Vanuatu’s islands, many of them very remote.  smallbunnyTested only on willingly and blissfully moisturised humans. guaranteed We provide Worldwide Shipping of freshly picked, distilled and prepared products to your doorstep.
We are committed to bringing the amazing properties of Vanuatu sandalwood and other native plants to the rest of the world so we ship world wide without exceptions.
Get a free sample with your next order when you leave a review for one of our products.


Due to Vanuatu Government regulations and resultant increased shipping costs, it is now uneconomical to ship your order from Vanuatu. Our business is looking for ways to ship in future from other countries but until we have such a process in place, unfortunately we must cease to accept orders on our website. We do apologize for this inconvenience which is beyond our control, and assure you that we will be taking steps as quickly as we can to rectify the situation. If you have any queries, please continue to contact us on shop@thesummitvanuatu.com, particularly for large or bulk orders which may be economical to ship.