Hello Fabulous & Generous You!!

A year After the scariest Cyclone Pam arrived – 13th March! What a scare! We don’t want to remember its destructive visit but we cannot help it because we have so many of you to thank for! To those who prayed for our safety during its visit and to those who supported and continuously supporting us all the way. We couldn’t have Survived Cyclone PAM a Year Later and will not be able to continue on forever without your overwhelming support & generosity. We most certainly cannot continue on without you continuously trading with us & using our Fabulous Tropical 100% Natural – All Sandalwood & Tropical Oils based Products as one of your Vanuatu souvenirs or using our natural Vanuatu skin care products as your daily skin health care for you and for your family.

With pam’s visit we learnt that we can be strong when we needed to be, that it’s a natural response for people to be very compassionate and that we gained more friends from around the world. Our beautiful Vanuatu has opened up to the world – became known to the world. One of the other BEST things that we gained from PAM is that more & more people who are into natural products, into tropical handmade natural skin care, into sandalwood, into tamanu, into coconut oil, into canarium.. learn about us – The Summit Vanuatu. We do hope to get a steady trend or best to improve its trend because our products have ingredients that are known to be beneficial on our skin and our inside health and because if you don’t continue trading with us, our operation will also stop.

And because of you not leaving our side & trusting our beautiful tropical & proven beneficial by users, we are so excited to announce our 3 DAY Grand Bonanza Pam Special Anniversary Gifts! Please FIND our 3 DAYS Cyclone PAM Anniversary GIFTS Below! Thank you Ladies & Gents for your on-going support. Please Use Special codes from 13th March to 15th March. FREE Shipping for orders above A$50!

Pam Special

How do you benefit from using our natural products again?

To our new product users & to all our avid users & supporters..  

1. We continuously & joyfully promise you that our products will help you remember your Fantastic & Amazing Vanuatu visits especially your Summit Gardens & Essential Oil Distillery, The Summit Café, Shop & SPA visit!

2. We promise you that our products will maintain your skins health & youthful glow without the danger of risking your health over the years of using it unless you’re allergic to any of our Tropical & natural ingredients.

3. We continuously & joyfully promise you that if you buy one of our products as one of your Vanuatu souvenirs during your Vanuatu visit & gift them to your family & friends, they will GIVE you a huge smile, bear cuddles and will LOVE you forever!

4. And we continuously & joyfully promise you that if you personally use it in your home as one of your Daily Health & Body Products – use it as your daily soap, daily & weekly facial & body skin care, use as your daily skin moisturiser or use it as your beneficial aromatherapy massage oils & body lotion

  • Our products will help slow the early ageing & wrinkling of your skin 
  • May help stop the formation of unwanted cellulites or may even reverse it especially our products that has mandarin – Please do your own research too and find out more about mandarin & cellulites and what causes cellulites
  • May heal your acne scars or fresh scars because of our Tamanu, Coconut & Sandalwood’s synergistic action
  • Will smoothen and heal your rough skin; tone your skin; moisturise and transform your skin
  • May help you with your skin eczema & skin psoriasis  – speak with your trusted dermatologist – or experiment & observe – READ more about us & our ingredients.
  • will smoothen your rough, scaly skin, moisturise it without feeling sticky and tone it naturally
  • May ease & relieve your muscle pains & aches especially our Canarium Balms – use it on its own or mix it with any of our Bath & Body Oils to glide on your skin more

You will also maximize the beneficial effects of our  natural skin care products on your skin & health when you accompany it with good  & balanced & healthy lifestyle without wrecking your budget

5. Lastly & importantly we promise you and we guarantee you that if any way you are not happy with any of our products after trying it and giving it time to give you the amazing results or if you develop any allergies or if you’re not happy with our customer service at all – we will give you your money back 100% – no questions asked.

We hope that you also don’t stop sharing what we have to your family & friends through your e-mails or your facebook or tweet about us or instagram it.. who you know and you believe may benefit our Vanuatu Natural Health & Body products and especially our GIFTS above – Remember it Ends 15th March!

Your Most Amazing, Trusted & Your Most Friendly Summit Skin Care Team,

The Summit Vanuatu

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Our 3 DAY Grand PAM Bonanza!