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A passion for pure and real and an aversion to fakery, your own website, Facebook page or good quality blog, and a PayPal account

That’s It!

Our Team is very passionate about what we do and what we have created. We’re here because we care for you and for your family’s skin health.  We believe our Sandalwood-based and 100% Natural health and body products will eliminate all toxins that may cause damage to your skin’s health (unless you’re allergic to any of our ingredients found here), and they will do this without wrecking your wallet, causing damage to our environment or hurting our animals.  We have based the recipes for our products on ingredients grown here in Vanuatu and which have been used for centuries by its Melanesian inhabitants for their skin health long before the white man came to these islands.    We now want to spread these good news products to the world and we would love your help to do this!

Some of you may be unlucky to have bad skin and we would love for you to try our products, get to know them, feel their benefits, believe in them. We know that what we have contains nothing but Pure. Natural. Beneficial. skin-saving botanicals in every single product that we create.  You can see and view how we handcraft all our products – Come Visit us at our Essential Oil Distillery Building when in Vanuatu and enjoy a stroll in our Summit Gardens!  We would love to meet you and introduce you to the rest of the Summit Team!

Every product is created with passion, true love and care.  We do not have mega millions for an advertising budget, and we are very much aware that without affiliates and our dear customers’ word of mouth to help us market our 100% natural skin saving products, we will not be successful in getting our products well known.

 Commission Payments

  • Payments will be made in a month when commissions due total $100; and
  • Payments will be forwarded via your nominated PayPal account


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