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Our Team is very passionate about what we do and what we have. We’re here because we care for you and for your family’s skin health. We don’t want you and your family to continue inhaling anything toxic that may cause damage to your health coming from your personal care products but without wrecking your wallet nor cause damage to our environment nor hurt our animals. We’re also here because we want to save some of those who are unlucky to have bad skin that wants saving. We know that what we have contains nothing but pure.natural.beneficial in every single product that we create. You can see & view how we’re hand creating all our products – Come Visit us at our Essential Oil Distillery Building when in Vanuatu and enjoy a stroll in our Summit Gardens! We have heart felt intention of saving your skin if it needs saving and heart felt intention to simply maintain your skin clear, moisturised and beautiful naturally and purely. Every product is created with passion, true love and care and we know that what we have is very beneficial and is real but we are also aware that without affiliates and our dear customers who will help us market and share our 100% natural skin saving products, we will not be this successful. In return of you joining us and helping us market what we have, we are sharing with you 10% commission per sale.

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