How many of you want to be called green natural beauty!? Promoting and using skin products that are natural that won’t cost you so much to invest, that wouldn’t take you so much time using and applying it, protecting our environment and our animals at the same whilst not exposed to harmful chemical ingredients?? Raise your hands and your feet!! Don’t be Shy! We want it too! The only way you can become what you want is to admit it, accept it and do something about it! Right? That’s right! And guess what? You don’t need to look further! Because we’re here to show you how!

Have you heard of our natural skin care products yet? The Summit Vanuatu Natural Skin Care? No… you answered… I haven’t.. and then We say: Oh Okay! That’s alright because you’re here now, we can tell you all about us! Do you know that using our products can make you the next green natural you without breaking your wallet, not using too much time, saves you time in fact and you’re not exposed to harmful chemical ingredients? plus our natural skin care products can make your skin clear, moisturised, beautiful, young and healthy!!? Yep! That’s right! It’s Pretty easy, budget-vegan-eco-animal friendly and saves you time making your own! We’re excited and so happy that you now know too!

Knowing your Natural skin care product creator

The Summit Natural Skin care was born in Nov. 2011 to make all your skin beauty desires come true! – purely, naturally & gently- organically! We have products that we use daily such as soaps, shampoo, conditioner, moisturisers, creams and more! That’s our skin care birth brief history by the way, you ‘ll get to know us more if you read About Us and our History.  

What our natural skin care products can do?

It has always been our greatest pleasure to share what we have and help you achieve your dream or desire of having your skin  clear, glow, radiate, young and healthy! No more acne, no more lumps! no more dull looking skin! no more eczema flare ups and no more psoriasis attacks! Read testimonials from our real users so you’ll know what’s in store for you! You can find all our natural skin care product selections  here. Buy online now or visit our summit shop. Please please please stop reaching out to those nasties already because you don’t deserve to be exposed to them- mainstream mass produced skin products that has all the nasties and harsh chemicals. It’s honestly not very good for our over all well-being!  You will find more and more research and studies on the web saying so.  

We ALSO believe that because our natural skin care products are all Sandalwood Based and contain the best skin loving gifts from Nature – no harmful ingredients, we believe that what we have can also assist as your skin naturally AGES and WRINKLES.  This is a STAGE OF LIFE we must all go through one day.  But let our products hydrate and moisturise that dry, wrinkly and dull looking skin, fade those laugh lines that many of us don’t want, and clear your skin that may be clogged which is one of the causes of acne/pimple breakouts. 

You must TRY  any if not of all our natural skin caring products below that we carefully created and selected for you because we know that you so deserve them! You deserve to use pure natural soap, pure natural shampoo and conditioner, pure natural creams & moisturisers and much much more. These are all highly recommended, loved and used by so many! Our Team from the very beginning have lovingly created all these unique products from Pure. Natural. Beneficial. skin-loving botanical ingredients grown right here in Vanuatu! We must enjoy and use what our Nature has gifted us! 



20150506_1225081.Sandalwood Facial Mask 100gms 

Mix with sandalwood water (hydrosol) until you can make a paste, then use this twice a week to draw out any impurities that may be clogging your pores.

2.Sandalwood Hydrosol 250ml 

The hydrosol contains tiny bubbles of the precious sandalwood oil together with the water soluble components of the wood, and is a by-product of the steam distillation process we use to make our luscious sandalwood oil. You can use as your facial water also.


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3.Facial Body Polish 100gms 

Apply our polish 3 x a week as an alternative for one daily treatment of Facial Cleansing Oil, and the sandalwood powder in it works as a gentle exfoliant to smooth away rough skin or other imperfections that may have accumulated over time.




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20150505_1525014.Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream 100gms 

After applying our Facial HydratingToner – apply this cream on affected areas, and on laugh lines around your eyes and your mouth.  You can use this as a base before applying foundation. You can also use this little beauty as an all over body moisturiser.





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20150506_1003285.Salve It 100gms 

Apply generously on affected area – on dry skin, on small wounds, itchy bites, or anywhere you think is dry and needing some loving.  “This is the best product ever” say so many of our addicted Summit Family members…..




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canarium nut balm6.Sandalwood & Canarium Nut Balm 100gms 

Apply and massage gently on affected area — on pain area and or where skin is dry. This balm contains Nangai Oil which is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain in the body’s joints.




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20150506_1223377.Forever Young Soap (Tamanu) 

Tamanu oil is said by ancient kastom to delay ageing skin. We combine it with our own coconut oil which is the new natural beauty must-have for nourishment of all parts of the body. Try this combination to assist in your search for that elusive fountain of youth





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51000506yy8.Sandalwood Body Foam 150ml 

Foam all day from your head to your toes, leaving your skin and hair with a deposit of rich, natural moisturizer. Sandalwood Water adds fragrance along with its unique antibacterial qualities to virgin coconut oil and a reviving dose of Ylang Ylang Oil to gently cleanse and hydrate your skin without leaving a filmy residue





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51000536[1]9.Sandalwood Body Buddy for your Man 150ml  

We look after our Summit Men too.  This one is your man’s version of Sandalwood Body Foam.  Our GM’s husband thinks this is great as he is a no-frills person, and he can use the same product for shampooing his hair, shaving, and then an all over body wash.  So one bottle does 3 jobs!!  Beautiful…..




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10.Island Beauty Daily Ritual Pack

20150506_122630This is one of our Home Spa Daily Kit.  Your skin will feel so soft and hydrated, it will transport you to a tropical island where there are no harmful chemicals, only pure and natural ingredients mixed with the unpolluted air and never-ending sunshine. These products are for the woman – from the teenager to the mature ladies with all types of skin categories and conditions – who cares for her skin with a twice daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising.

What’s Inside this Pack?

1. 1 x 50ml/1.7fl oz Net Coconut, Avocado & Honey infused with Tahitian Lime Facial Cleansing Oil – Normally sells at $9.95
2. 1 x 50ml/1.7fl oz Net Sandalwood infused with Tahitian Lime Facial Hydrating Toner – Normally sells at $12.95
3. 1 x 50ml/1.7fl oz Net Sandalwood and Tahitian Lime Facial Moisturiser – Normally sells at $12.95
4. 1 x 10gm/0.35oz Net Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream – Normally sells at $9.95
5. 1 x 10gm/0.35oz Net Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Body Butter – Normally sells at $3.50
6. 1 x 100gm/3.5oz Net Limited Edition Sandalwood & Coconut infused with Tahitian Lime Soap – Normally sells at $7.95


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If you can’t find that summit natural skin product you think suits your skin needs, please don’t be shy to send us related questions at We are here for you! That’s why we’re here! Our Team is ready to answer any of your skin issues! Our Mission is to make your skin and ours healthy, young, beautiful, clear, less eczema and psoriasis flare-ups, no skin contact dermatitis and a lot more – purely, naturally and gently! Allow us to help you make your skin clear, save you time making your own DIY and save you money!

Don’t dream it – Achieve it! Use what our Nature has gifted Us found in our Shop!