Coconut & Lime Moisturising Body & Bath Oil

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100% Pure & Natural Body & Bath Oil is suitable for both hair and skin. Packed with the well known benefits of antioxidants which delay the aging of skin, our Body Oil also effectively nourishes dry and damaged hair.  Tahitian Lime Essential Oil gives an extra boost in eliminating blemishes too.  All The Summit oils are ethically sourced in the gardens of the islands of Vanuatu and made in small batches at our distillery.

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Use this natural, antioxidant packed light body oil on your skin and hair. Its antioxidants delay the aging of skin, encouraging an even tone and firmness and Tahitian Lime gives an extra boost in eliminating blemishes.






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Hand-pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Vanuatu (Cocos nucifera), Vitamin E, Lime Oil made from leaves and flowers of Tahitian Lime tree (Citrus latifolia).

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Pure Petitgrain Tahitian Lime Oil


Apply liberally all over your skin, or to your dry and unmanageable hair as you would a deep hair conditioner. If a rash or other adverse condition develops, discontinue use and seek medical advice. Store at room temperature. Can be used in either liquid or solid form. Discard 2 years after opening.

3 reviews for Coconut & Lime Moisturising Body & Bath Oil

  1. Cora, California, USA

    I am very pleased with the products and been using it every day. The one product that I really like and will order this again is the Moisturizing Body and Bath Oil (coconut scent) I used this on my hair and the result was wonderful.

  2. The Summit Vanuatu

    The products we have used so far have all been really good. Our favourite is the Salve It cream because it fixes just about every skin problem! We also really like the Coconut and Lime Moisturising Body and Bath Oil, which smells really nice and feels very good on the skin. We like the other products we have used too and we are looking forward to trying the new ones we have ordered (Online Shop). I really appreciate the care you take with your products and your customers! Thank you again for your excellent service and products.
    Natalia, Auckland NZ

  3. The Summit Vanuatu

    CHris M. Travel Reps — I love your products and use them daily.. the beautiful coconut and lime body oil and the same for the lip balm…

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