Be Mine Pack for Her (Zingy Vibes Range)


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This is a very special gift pack designed with Valentine’s Day in mind, but why would you not want to give it every day of the year to that really special person already in your life – or the one you want to entice into it!  This pack contains a range of products containing Sandalwood, the ultimate essential oil for romance, and the essential oil of the Tahitian Lime for that little extra freshness and vibrancy.  Take your lady on a very decisive Lovers’ Escape with the following:

1 x 50ml/1.7fl oz Net Sandalwood infused with Tahitian Lime Hydrating Face & Body Mist – Normally sells at $9.95

1 x 50ml/1.7fl oz Net Coconut & Lime Moisturising Body & Bath Oil – Normally sells at $9.95

1 x 100gm/3.5oz Net Lovers’ Escape Handmade Soap – Normally sells at $5.95

1 x 10gm/0.35oz Net Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream – Normally sells at $9.95

1 x 10gm/0.35oz Net Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Body Butter – Normally sells at $3.50

1 x 12ml/0.4fl oz Net Pure Tahitian Lime & Organic Avocado Oils Rollon Perfume – Normally sells at $14.95

AND they come in a unique, hand crafted box made of local recycled and oh-so-eco creations.


Additional information

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Pure Avocado Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Nangai Nut Oil

Tamanu Oil

Sandalwood Water Hydrosol

Cocoa butter

Pure Petitgrain Tahitian Lime Oil

Sandalwood Powder


Give with love, hugs and kisses


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