Facial Hydrating Toner Sandalwood infused with Tamanu


  • Sandalwood’s antioxidant properties help to prevent cellular damage, a cause of aging and other skin problems
  • Tamanu oil is used as an antiseptic healing agent known to heal acne and psoriasis


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An all natural gentle lotion to close your pores after cleansing your skin. Its antiseptic qualities tone skin, starve acne and blemishes, stimulate new cell growth, smooth wrinkles, slow premature aging, and release facial muscles and tensions.


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Additional information

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Water Hydrosol


For topical use only. Shake well before use to mix together all the pure essential oils. DO NOT PUT IN THE EYES. Spray after using Facial Cleansing Oil and follow up with Facial Moisturiser. Spritz when needed during the day to revitalize the skin and invigorate the mind.
Store in a cool or cold temperature, away from heat or light.


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