Sandalwood infused with Mandarin Body Mist



After the sandalwood oil is removed, the remaining condensate is called the hydrosol (or hydrolate or floral water) and it contains many of the beneficial ingredients of the oil, but in a much diluted form. It makes an excellent refreshing, relaxing spray, which can be used as face and body mist, after shave and room freshener.  To the sandalwood hydrosol we have added the woody aroma and skin care benefits of petitgrain essential oil which has been steam distilled from the leaves, twigs and flowers of our mandarin trees.

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Sandalwood Water Hydrosol


The mists have the same general calming and skin-toning benefits of the oil and powder. Spray on your face or body. The mists can also be used as a room or linen freshener. CAUTION: Discard 6 months after first use.


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