sandalwood-perfumeWhy Choose Santalum Austrocaledonicum – The Summit Vanuatu Sandalwood Oil

Our Vanuatu sandalwood oil ranks almost as high as S. album (Sandalwood Oil in India) in many of its qualities, and in fact some people say they prefer Vanuatu sandalwood because of its sweet, rich, woody, warm and softly lingering aroma.

The Essential Oil – Our Sandalwood Oil is an authentic natural product and does not contain any artificial ingredients or adulteration of any kind. It is rich in alpha and beta santalols which gives it such a beautiful woody characteristic aroma. The aroma that can be enjoyed with this Sandalwood oil by itself, or infused with your favourite ingredients to make your own signature perfume.

Santalum Austrocaledonicum and The Summit Vanuatu

Because of over harvesting and unreliable supplies of sandalwood in the world, and the renowned quality of Vanuatu sandalwood, the Vanuatu Government has encouraged its farmers to plant sustainable, ethical plantations of sandalwood.  Over 110,000 trees have been planted on the main island of Efate using this model.  We have also introduced mixed cropping on remote islands encouraging farmers to plant long term sandalwood together with short and medium term cash crops. We offer seedlings and advice on top quality sandalwood cultivation methods free of charge to growers in the islands. This is a good news story for the economic development of this small South Pacific nation as well as for devotees around the world who know and love real sandalwood.

If your Sandalwood Oil is Pure, Undiluted and Unadulterated and the Quality is good, how is it that not everyone knows about Vanuatu’s Santalum Austrocaledonicum Sandalwood Oil?

We are thrilled that our ethically sourced and perfectly traceable Sandalwood Oil is increasingly recognized by returning buyers to be a superior botanical product. Visitors from around the world now regularly visit our artisan Distillery & Production Plant, purchasing onsite or here online without paying for extravagant hidden advertising costs. We are a relatively small, island enterprise and it is difficult at times to have our beautiful, 100% pure products emerge on the world stage.