Why Choose S. Austrocaledonicum?

sandalwood-perfumeWhy Choose Santalum Austrocaledonicum – The Summit Vanuatu Sandalwood Oil

Our Vanuatu sandalwood oil ranks almost as high as S. album (Sandalwood Oil in India) in many of its qualities, and in fact some people say they prefer Vanuatu sandalwood because of its sweet, rich, woody, warm and soft aroma.

The Essential Oil – Our Sandalwood Oil is an authentic natural product and does not contain any artificial ingredients or adulteration of any kind. Our S. Austrocaledonicum oil is rich in alpha and beta santalols which gives it such a beautiful woody characteristic aroma. The aroma that can be enjoyed with this Sandalwood oil by itself, or mixed with your favourite ingredients to make your own signature perfume.

Santalum Austrocaledonicum The Summit Vanuatu

Because of over harvesting and unreliable supplies of sandalwood in the world, added to the renowned quality of Vanuatu sandalwood, the Vanuatu Government has encouraged its farmers to plant sustainable, ethical plantations of sandalwood. The Summit is at the forefront of this model with over 110,000 trees planted on its own plantation, and is also supplying its genetically superior seeds and advice on top quality cultivation methods free of charge to growers in the islands. This is a good news story for the economic development of this small South Pacific nation as well as for all those millions of devotees around the world who know and love real sandalwood.

If your Sandalwood Oil is Pure, Undiluted and Unadulterated and that your Quality is good, How come Not everyone knows about Santalum Austrocaledonicum Sandalwood Oil in Vanuatu?

Here at The Summit Vanuatu, we don’t believe in paying a lot of money in advertising and marketing our Pure.Natural.Beneficial Healthy Ethical & Tropical Health & Body products including our Sandalwood Oil. The reason being is we don’t want our valued customers to be paying for the advertisement. As we know already in the world of advertising – someone has to pay for it and this someone are our Valued Customers. That’s Not Right.

We are satisfied and happy that now, after words of mouth about our Sandalwood Oil from our returning sandalwood oil buyers, people from around the world are coming knocking on our doors to see our Plantation, Our Distillery & Production Plant and buy onsite or here online without them paying extra for advertisement.