PamInfraredSatelliteIt was so sad, very sad when we got hit by Cyclone Pam – the strongest in the South Pacific in history. The cyclone pam winds blew at over 270km/hour, leaving about 65,000 people homeless. Vanuatu sits on 12274 square kilometres has a land surface of only 4700 km, 83 islands. Despite this small area, Vanuatu pride itself with the largest tropical garden in the South Pacific located up here at The Summit and so many beautiful beaches and greenery! This was adversely affected by the worst cyclone pam that hit Vanuatu. This cyclone tragedy should not make us despair. It should however make us stronger than ever. We should think of how to rebuild and support Vanuatu and restore it back to its initial position.

Here at The Summit Vanuatu, we have a sandalwood plantation which sustained a minimal damage between 5% to 7% only. The Sandalwood tree is put into better use by distilling pure Sandalwood oil, collecting sandalwood hydrosol after distillation to make natural face mask, body foams, body buddy and body mist. Our tourism sector despite being a major income earner, is facing the hardest of times. Our beautiful garden, our shop and café are facing a crisis. The great Vanuatu’s economy depends almost 100% on tourism. The summit Vanuatu has a big stake on the tourism industry. Please do Support Vanuatu by not cancelling your visits including visits to the summit just because of the concluded cyclone pam. Your weddings, your tours and social visits will surely go a long way in getting us, all of Vanuatu back on our feet.

Most of our products and natural ingredients are still very much intact. Purchase online, and acquire all our quality pure organic natural products like the Sandalwood oil, Tahitian lime oil, Mandarin oil, Vetiver oil, Tamanu oil, Nangai oil and virgin coconut oil. All these oils from the summit have proven vast healing effects. Are you suffering from a persisting and irritating acne? Then Tamanu oil is exactly what you need. It has the power to heal acne 100%. In fact, it would not even leave a trace. Just visit us online at the Summit Vanuatu and get yourself the medicinal Tamanu oil. Ageing can be a major challenge. However, there is hope in the Summit Vanuatu because Sandalwood oil has antioxidant properties and thus prevents aging. It is also an antibacterial and thus prevents the many bacterial infections that affect mankind. Sandalwood hydrosol is very good in creating excellent face masks and also body wraps. This also goes a long way as remedies for skin infections. The virgin coconut oil provides your skin with the necessary rejuvenation since it usually penetrates through the several skin layers. If you have ever suffered from arthritis, you would know the pain and suffering that comes with the disease. It surely deprives one of the comfort that should be there in humanity. Try the Nangai oil and feel the difference. It has for ages been known to relieve arthritis symptoms and controls the pain and suffering associated with the disease.

The Summit Garden

The Summit Garden

Help rebuild Vanuatu and consequently buy our Summit Vanuatu products. By buying our products online, you are truly playing a big role in helping our little local community keep their jobs, assist Vanuatu post and also helping those who were rendered homes rebuild their homes. Statistics show that the population of Vanuatu is growing annually by 2.4%. With this growth and no jobs, how will our people survive? With all your on-going support and no matter how little your purchase maybe, this can go a long way in helping everyone who works at the Summit Vanuatu. We are truly very grateful and thankful. Our shop, café and garden are closed until further notice. Our online business is the only thing that can get our staff back to their feet through keeping their jobs. Shop online for our quality products and together, let’s build Vanuatu and keeping you healthy at the same time. Vanuatu’s future depends on all of your on-going support!

We are truly very thankful & grateful we are alive and to everyone who sent us their well wishes, concerns, thoughts & prayers.

We are re-building, we will get better, and will heal… Vanuatu – The Summit will continue on with all your help and good thoughts. Do pay us in Vanuatu a visit very soon! Your visits, your purchases no matter how small it is… can truly help us… One Vision – One Vanuatu… Together as One.

Beautiful Vanuatu Beautiful People Kind hearted People all around the world.

We thank you Vanuatu people, we thank you World, we thank you NDMO, we thank you ProMedical, we thank you #renegade, We thank you everyone who has been there for Vanuatu! We thank you Heavens, Universe, we Thank you God.

Vanuatu South Pacific

The Summit Vanuatu