Looking for a great way to make your home smell great without adding any extra work? Try this great idea to add life and vitality and freshness to your home. This simple idea is easy to implement and can be used on any type of vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is open your vacuum and add a few drops of The Summit’s Tahitian Lime Essential Oil or add a few drops of The Summit’s Mandarin Orange Essential Oil to the the vacuum’s bag or filter. Then vacuum your home like you normally would and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of these citrus essential oils which include vitality, energy, and a sense of being alive.

What You Need:

Fresh Vacuum Kit


Carefully open your vacuum and gently add 3-5 drops of essential oil to the bag or the cylinder. Close the vacuum up and then clean your floors. This works especially well when the bag is fresh and new. You will be surprised by the fragrant aroma that will fill your home and the life and energy it will bring.

Essential Oil Vacuum Freshner

Like the Idea? You can download a copy of the recipe card by clicking the image above.

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