The Summit Gardens – the largest tropical gardens in the Southern Pacific.

These private gardens spreading over 6 hectares and 200 metres above sea level, are home to thousands of different species of plants that provide an abundance of colour all year round. There are water lilies, succulents, orchids, bromeliads, heliconias, palms and cycads, as well as vines, creepers, nut and fruit trees and numerous other varieties. The much loved and carefully cared for gardens are bordered on one side by verdant Melanesian jungle and on the other by citrus orchards and an expansive sandalwood plantation, that overlook beautiful Mele Bay and Hideaway Island.

This scenic location and the fantastic paradise of trees and plants created the intitial inspiration for establishing the essential oils distillery and the subsequent production of facial, body and health products using the 100% pure natural botanicals sourced from these pristine and uncontaminated gardens.

The distillery, which has recently been relocated to the Tanna Coffee Factory Eco Centre on Mele Road, continues to source its botanicals from the original gardens on the nearby estate at Devil’s Point in Port Vila.