Why Choose Organic Natural Products on our Skin? Why would you want to choose our natural skin care products?

Here at The Summit Vanuatu, we believe that if we use what our nature has gifted us without any harmful chemical ingredients, we will not only maintain our skin beautiful, smooth, skin free of acne, skin free of lumps, free of blackheads, free of whiteheads, skin moisturized, skin free of blemishes, skin free of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis including white spots / fungal infection – Our overall health will also improve. Our overall health improves using natural organic skin care products because these products like our Sandalwood Based Health & Body The Summit Vanuatu; contains essential nutrients that is needed to help calm,  relax, maintain, balance our mind body & spirit. Using Pure Natural Skin Care products helps our mind body spirit in tune and in harmony with our environment.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body where anything can go in our bloodstream including toxins. Experts are saying that 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream. We don’t really want anymore toxins to go in. We can control this by choosing the right skin care products, eating right – healthy lifestyle.


Here at The Summit Vanuatu, We genuinely offer you Pure Natural Tropical Ethical Skin Care products – all Sandalwood based. No Animal Testing – Only willing human testers.

What our Natural Skin Care Sandalwood Based Health & Body Products can do

TSV_banner_static_2_250x2501. Natural skin care that smooth fine lines;
2. Natural skin care that treats acne, lumps, blackheads and whiteheads
3. Natural skin care that cleanse your skin without leaving it dry:
4. Natural skin care that reduces uneven skin tones;
5. Natural skin care that protect your skin from the sun;
6. Natural skin care that leaves skin soft, hydrated and moisturized;
7. Natural skin care that keep your skin radiant with youthful glow;
8. Natural skin care that keep your skin protected from harmful ingredients found in many commercialized known branded skin care products including some products that has Natural label on it if you don’t carefully check their ingredients;
9. Natural Skin care that treat your skin gently and delicately 100%;
10. Natural Skin Care that soothe and relieves tired, sore and stressed muscles, legs, arms and skin;
11. Natural skin care that reduces and erases acne scars and wound scars;
12. Natural skin care that gives soothing relief and treat eczema attack, psoriasis and skin itchiness;

13. Natural skin care that relieves sore muscles, aching body and joints.




Feel free to send us your questions at shop@thesummitvanuatu.com




Are your Ingredients Purely Natural?

Yes, we guarantee it. We are proud to list all our ingredients in our label. Nothing like what is listed at http://www.safecosmetics.org/get-the-facts/chemicals-of-concern/

What type of skin does it treat?

Because our products are all Sandalwood Based and Pure Oils — our natural skin products are well suited for all skin types – all skin colours – Men & Women – From Young Adult to Old Age

Can we Order Online?

Yes we do international shipping!! Orders above A$100is Free Worldwide where shipping is registered – issued a tracking number and is insured.

How do I know that The Summit Vanuatu contains what they claim to have?

We know that there are so many natural products out in the market already but we are not really sure where they came from and some products although they claim to be natural still contains harmful chemical ingredients.

The Summit Vanuatu contains only 100% pure natural ingredients we guarantee it. All of our key ingredients are sourced within our plantation and within the entire islands of Vanuatu South Pacific. We manufacture our products in our own distillery/production facility in a higher ground, in an eco-friendly environment, free of pollutants.

In Vanuatu – South Pacific – We are fortunate to grow many ingredients which have been used by the inhabitants of Melanesia for hundreds of years, long before white man’s medicine. These all add up with Vanuatu’s abundant sunshine, plentiful rainfall, natural fertiliser, lack of pollution, clean environment, beaches and mountains to provide the best tropical therapies or antidotes for all of today’s stresses.

At The Summit plantations and orchards we grow our own Sandalwood Tree (Santalum Austrocaledonicum), Tahitian lime, mandarin, tangelo and vetiver grass for distillation, as well as coconut, nangai nut and tamanu seed for cold-pressing. With control of the entire production process The Summit provides pure, high grade essential oils.

The Summit Vanuatu also have our In-house Pharmacist to make sure that Current Good Manufacturing Practices are strictly  implemented and strictly followed.

How to Choose The Summit Vanuatu to suit my Skin Care Needs?

Our products are versatile and will help balance your skin and bring back its joie de vivre. Any of our facial & body skincare products can be used for all skin types. Thus, any products you like will suit your skin. Do send us e-mail if you want to know more.

We combine our unique Sandalwood with the very best purist quality tropical essential oils into the most sensible formulas, all exhibit delicious natural aromas and scrumptious textures, to Save Your Skin (SYS). There are no artificial chemicals in our blends.

Is it Expensive to use your brand of natural skin care products – The Summit Vanuatu?

Our Health & Body Natural Skin Care products including our Pure Sandalwood Oil is not expensive at all. You will get what you pay for. One way to know is for you to try one of our products and experience its skin loving effect – you’ll probably say oh it’s cheap for what it is – like many of our valued customers are saying!! Also, do a comparison test – Have a look around and see the prices of other natural products, check their ingredients carefully and where it is made from.  Then compare ours – how we manufacture, where we are and our pure natural ingredients. Do make time to read about our Key Ingredients at https://www.thesummitvanuatu.com/ingredients/

When we rate any product expensive – where or how do we base it from? Here at The Summit Vanuatu, we price our products right or even less like what many of our customers are saying – in order for our Natural Skin Care Health & Body Production will continue to operate and supply the demand of our most loved customers.

What to Look Out for when Choosing Natural Skin Care Products

Natural skin care products, organic skin care products are found everywhere nowadays because we are waking up and are now rebelling that we no longer want the harmful ingredients found and contained in many commercialized skin care products. Always look out for natural products that contains ingredients that is listed and that you can read and pronounce. Those ingredients that are not listed as toxic and detrimental to your health.

So how do we know that what we are buying contains only pure, natural ingredients? We came up with a list to make sure you get what you paid for

1. Don’t just go for Brand – Always check the Label

2. Always check for Ingredients even when it says Natural – Make it a Habit

3. Always check where the natural product is made and manufactured from

If you find any ingredients listed on the image – stay away!


With Our Sandalwood Based Health & Body Products – The Summit Vanuatu – We are very confident and can humbly say that you are putting your money where your mouth is – Clean & Green from our loving hand to your skin, to our drainage and to our environment.


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