Happy New Year once again All! Did you all see and get to enjoy the Fireworks display in your area? Did you enjoy the time spent with family & friends and off from work? We hope so! Do share some of your Christmas & New Year Happening & Photos with us! We love to hear it!



We definitely enjoyed the Festive season despite some of us are away from our family-heart breaking, we enjoyed the fireworks display for sure and enjoyed it overall despite some of our SPA therapists team, Gardens and the café team were working! Our amazing Distillery team enjoyed their much needed off from work for sure!

Anyhow, do you have any New Year Health & “Beauty” Resolution this year and not go broke nor be dull nor boring? If you ticked all… Our Next questions are.. Can you do it? Our answer? YES YOU CAN! Are you committed to achieving it? If your answer is YES – We’d love to be part & assist you of your amazing health & “beauty” journey & challenge if it is! We can provide you some of this because this is one of our main reasons why we created our Health & Body products and much more is one of our top reasons why our DAY SPA is born!

It is our greatest pleasure & our greatest desire this year & hopefully in all the coming years to be part of your Health, to help you be on Top of your Game & to help you achieve your own kind of Beautiful Resolution this new year 2016!

Hope you’ll be one of our Santa’s all year through to Help us achieve & materialize our dreams!  Is it you? Thank you so much! That’s Fantastic, Brilliant and we are most gracious and will make us very happy! Rest assured, we are here for you every step of the way to help make your dream this year a reality too! As you know already we wouldn’t be able to continue on what we love doing without any of you trading with us, visiting us and supporting us, without all our team, our managing directors and our God, if you are one of the believers, on our side allowing all these to happen!

How? It’s simple, safe, healthy & natural, all Tropical Vanuatu & some European & Asian therapy inspired (SPA wise) & all wallet & budget friendly. Seriously? How? Simply try our products if you haven’t yet by buying online or buy from our stockists in town or up here or simply come visit us and Experience our DAY SPA Treatment on Monthly Basis or every 2 months or come once & decide whether what we have is for you & for your family & friends.  Choose your Health treatment with normal & special rates at https://www.thesummitvanuatu.com/experience-our-day-spa/


Read on, MEET our Most Amazing, Friendliest and most wonderful Spa Therapists Team & Know why we can help you on your Health Journey in 2016 at https://www.thesummitvanuatu.com/our-day-spa-health-benefits/ The HELP is not only ONE WAY street – because if you buy our products, come & experience our SPA treatments – you’re also helping us continue giving job & earning opportunities for our locals.

Looking forward to seeing some of you if not all (quite ambitious ey- yes) in our DAY SPA sometime soon and some of you if not all to start using our health & body products as your daily skin care! Do Buy our products as your souvenir, as gifts and or yes your daily skin acre products to help us continue on or Book & try our healing & rejuvenating treatments by e-mailing us here or calling us at 536 6894.

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Lukim Yu! Bring on 2016! All the Best everyone! Take care and have a Fantastic year ahead, Good Health, Good Food, Good Home, Family & Friends!