How do you benefit from using our natural products again? To our new product users & to all our avid users & supporters.. Did you know that we made Amazing Promises to you when you buy any of our skin care products? Our BOND to you was never broken, is never broken, never will be or ever will be broken.. Below are our UNBREAKABLE Promises! Know them all and continue  to benefit them..


1. We continuously & joyfully promise you that our products will help you remember your Fantastic & Amazing Vanuatu visits especially your Summit Gardens & Essential Oil Distillery, The Summit Café, Shop & SPA visit!

2. We promise you that our products will maintain your skins health & youthful glow without the danger of risking your health over the years of using it unless you’re allergic to any of our Tropical & natural ingredients.

3. We continuously & joyfully promise you that if you buy one of our products as one of your Vanuatu souvenirs during your Vanuatu visit, your family & friends will put a huge smile in their faces!

4. And we continuously & joyfully promise you that if you personally use it in your home as one of your Daily Health & Body Products – use it as your daily soap; your daily and weekly facial & Body skin care; daily skin moisturiser or use it as your beneficial aromatherapy massage oils & body lotion

  • Our products will help slow the early ageing & wrinkling of your skin 
  • May help stop the formation of unwanted cellulites or may even reverse it especially our products that has mandarin – Please do your own research too and find out more about mandarin & cellulites and what causes cellulites
  • May heal your acne scars or fresh scars because of our Tamanu, Coconut & Sandalwood’s synergistic action
  • Will smoothen and heal your rough skin; tone your skin
  • May help you with your skin eczema & skin psoriasis  – speak with your trusted dermatologist – or experiment & observe
  • May ease & relieve your muscle pains & aches especially our Canarium Balms – use it on its own or mix it with any of our Bath & Body Oils to glide on your skin more

You will also maximize the beneficial effects of our  natural skin care products on your skin & health when you accompany it with good  & balanced & healthy lifestyle without wrecking your budget

5. Lastly & importantly we promise you and we guarantee you that if any way you are not happy with any of our products after trying it and giving it time to give you the amazing results or if you develop any allergies or if you’re not happy with our customer service at all – we will give you your money back 100% – no questions asked.

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 Please never ever hesitate to e-mail us for any related inquiries.

Your Most Amazing, Trusted & Your Most Friendly Summit Skin Care Team,

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