I use all these available Summit Facial Cleansing Oils depending on my mood & skin need! This doesn’t leave your skin oily – it truly cleanses & nourishes your skin.

Read the benefits of our Cleansing Oil Ingredients by clicking each below

1. Facial Cleansing Oil Coconut, Avocado & Honey infused with Tahitian Lime
2. Facial Cleansing Oil Coconut, Avocado & Honey infused with Ylang Ylang 

3. Facial Cleansing Oil Coconut, Avocado & Honey infused with Tamanu

 STORAGE: Keep yours where it’s warm or bring it with you in your shower room/bath room when you’re using hot/warm shower to stop it from solidifying. When it has solidified, if it’s in a tub, scoop a little bit and onto your palm, your hands will melt it again. If in tube, bring it to where it’s warm or run through warm water then shake well to mix


User comments

Wet Your Face, Neck & Other Body Parts with Warm Water


Mix Oils & Honey together well before application



I first tried Lime – loved it then tried ylang-ylang then tried one without the label during its developmental stage but now already available – it’s Tamanu Cleansing Oil









STEP 2  


Apply our oils sparingly or generously on all parts of your face & neck and other parts of your body by fingertips or hand in a circular upward motion. (Old wives tale – if you apply upwards – it will assist in slowing down skin sagging – comes with age – environment – lifestyle)


then Grab yourself a clean white facial sheet or I use tissue paper – best if you’ll use soft clean sponge

















STEP 3. Work with your sponge/tissue paper, gently remove and cleanse your face & neck, body part – once again in a circular upward motion until you completely remove any of our oils and you feel like you’re clean


Look at the dirt even after shower


That brownish stuff you see is dirt














This is why I love our Cleansing Oils  – it deeply removes dirt that is invisible to our naked eye. And I’d really like you to try and experience it. Plus it’s deeply nourishing – all natural & so skin beneficial – no harmful, no artificial ingredients. — all pure natural oils, pure essential oil & pure Vanuatu honey. Honestly, you get excited each time you’re about to use it. The feeling is much like when you’re about to have a meal..

I use any of our cleansing oils – in the morning  & I sometimes use this on my hair (lime & ylang-ylang only) & leave on if I feel like it. I really have Valerie to thank for inspiring me! She inspired me to do it on a routine basis… now, I’m reaping the benefits – my skin is looking healthier, clearer, smoother, moisturised & I think younger too


PS: I do rest my skin from any skin products once or twice a week when I’m staying home and not feeling like doing it.. I believe that our skin also needs a breather and some time off

On Weekly or Twice monthly: I also use our cleansing oils on my body and leave on for 20mins to an hour or whole day depending on what I’m doing before showering — then I use our polish/scrub in the shower then wash with my alternate Tamanu Soap or Ylang-ylang body foam. I use our Mask on a weekly basis too.


BUY Facial Cleansing Oil Coconut, Avocado & Honey infused with Tahitian Lime
BUY Facial Cleansing Oil Coconut, Avocado & Honey infused with Ylang Ylang 

BUY Facial Cleansing Oil Coconut, Avocado & Honey infused with Tamanu


What I do next after cleansing is spritz on our Facial Hydrating Toner to close my skin pores – Available in Lime/Ylang-Ylang & Tamanu – You’ll love any of our Toner too because we use Sandalwood Hydrosol plus Pure Sandalwood Oil & Lime or Ylang-Ylang or Lime or tamanu (the newest one in blue label).


You can spritz on direct on your face & neck & other body parts – you can also use cotton balls – avoiding your eye area.


The Tamanu Facial Toner is missing in the pic! I use this one & or ylang-ylang toner if I can see pimples/lumps forming. I use Lime on regular days.













BUY  Our Lime or Ylang-Ylang & Tamanu Toner


Now I’m ready for my Sandalwood & Tamanu cream! This cream has helped rehydrate/hydrate my skin and reversed the fine lines/wrinkles that were already forming around my eye area and my mouth area. I’m very happy with the result.


I’ve had this Sandalwood & Tamanu cream since February! Nearly finished – you can see that it’s very economical – I only use this sparingly



The spots you see is where I apply my Sandalwood & Tamanu cream.











BUY our Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream


Now I’m ready for my Hydrating Face & Body Mist and my Facial Moisturiser – although if I’m in a hurry – I don’t apply my finishing  Facial Moisturiser Lime or Ylang-Ylang or newest Tamanu moisturiser! I’m ready to go without! If I have the time – I do! But truth be told – I always do now – even if I know that I’m going to be late.. all these has become my routine


My Lime Hydrating Face & Body Mist helps locks in the moisture in my skin & is a great skin pick me up mist too thus I carry this with me anywhere I go – it’s also great to prepare skin before applying make-up. Love this! Especially after a long walk & long stroll -keeps me feeling cool & fresh


After Misting – then I apply my facial Moisturiser – the spots you see is how I spread it. You don’t need to use a lot because it’s very rich! I use my Facial Moisturiser on my arm & legs too! It’s because of the pure sandalwood oil in it!! Our normal body moisturisers are also great because it still has sandalwood oil in it in very diluted form — & other tropical oils in it.





BUY Our Hydrating Facial & Body Mist

BUY Our Facial Moisturise – Lime or Ylang-Ylang or Tamanu










Now, I’m ready to start my day! 🙂

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I find using our Summit skin care products very economical, is budget friendly & truly 100% Natural & effective.

Read testimonials from other real users here and some inside our products page. You can be sure that it’s 100% Natural.

Remember: Read all the listed ingredients of all our summit products that you’re going to buy to see if you have any known allergies. You can also find them on our product website’s page. Our Key Ingredients are found here. These are all proudly Vanuatu made – Truly the essences of Vanuatu South Pacific

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Thank You All! Till next time again! Take care!