The Summit recently released a whole new line-up of products with some new ingredients. At the launch of these new products we grabbed the mastermind behind the ideas and asked him a few questions. If you want to know why the products at The Summit are of such high quality, then look no further than the man behind it all – Ben Brookman.

Q1- Ben, tell us a little-bit about your position at The Summit and what it is that you do?

Ben – I am the General Manager and I’m responsible for and look after

  • Our Essential Oil Distillation
  • Product Development
  • Quality Control
  • 120,000 sandalwood trees in the plantation
  • The Development of other oil bearing plants

Q2- Wow, that seems like a lot. Well, you have a handful of new products just released, what is the one new product you are most excited about, and why?

Ben – I’m most excited about our Foaming Soaps !!! They Combine great A + grade natural and unique  ingredients in a convenient way – natural convenience. Beautiful cleaning experience with no waste or mess.

Q3 – We noticed that a lot of your new products incorporate Avocado Oil. Tell us about this oil and your move to use it in your products.

Ben – Well, Avocado Oil is an Excellent carrier oil for essential oils and its great for skin! Miles of info about Avocado Oil can be found on the web but I can sum it up by saying that Avocados are full of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, and can provide skin with deep moisture, because of this avocado oil also enhances the absorption of carotenoids and other nutrients. This makes it an obvious choice as a carrier oil for our other excellent essential oils.  (Check out these new Avocado Products Here)

Q4- We’re curious, if we opened your medicine cabinet – what Summit products would we find?

Ben – Um,  I myself use the  Sandalwood and Tamanu Butter for any cuts,  dry skin, or sun damage and sun burns (which can happen a lot in Vanuatu). I also keep Tamanu Oil in my medicine cabinet. It’s an all round great oil for repairing and soothing skin. I’m also very fond of Sandalwood Oil for the scent and use it in a variety of ways. And I also enjoy anything with Sandalwood and Lime.

Q5 – Do you have a ‘testimony’ like experience with using The Summit products? What benefits have you noticed from using them?

Ben – I find the Sandalwood and Tamanu butter is excellent for healing reef cuts that I have got surfing.  Because we live in the Tropics, cuts get infected quickly and take a long time to heal. The Sandalwood and Tamanu butter really helps with this particular problem.

Q6 – If you could recommend one product from you line-up what would it be?

Ben – That’s easy. Without a doubt I would recommend the Sandalwood oil – ours is outstanding. And as a close second I would suggest the Sandalwood and Tamanu butter – great all-round salve.


Thanks for you time Ben, we’ll let you get back to work so you can keep creating The Summit’s Amazing Products and we’re looking forward to see the new things your guys are creating!


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