Are your wood floors or furniture in need of a fresh polish? are they looking dull and missing that shine? Use Mandarin Essential Oil as way to make those floors and furniture gorgeous and gleaming.

We all know that wood floors and furniture are an investment and the investment gives the best results when they are properly taken care of. The National Wood Flooring Association says that wood floors need to be dust-mopped, swept, or vacuumed regularly (even daily) and that you can use a dampened cloth to maintain a wood floor. This is important because ground in dirt destroys wood floors. But over time, normal traffic and repeatedly swiping the floor will cause it to lose it’s luster and shine.

Try this simple recipe for a homemade wood polish using The Summit’s Mandarin Essential Oil to restore that lustrous gleam and highlight those natural wood grains that we love so much.

What You Need:

Handmade Floor Polish




Simply add 10 drops of the citrus essential oil to the bottle and then add the olive oil followed by the vinegar and shake well (before each use). Spray the beautifully scented polish onto a microfiber cloth and wipe your wood surfaces clean. Enjoy the shine and enjoy the smell.

Essential Oil Polish Recipe

Like the recipe? Click the image above to view a printable copy for your own file.

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