Mobile/Roving Day SPA Therapists

It’s Official!!  Our SPA Therapists will COME TO YOU when you and your guests are not able to. You can request our therapists to Pamper you, your loved ones or your V.I.P.’s at the comfort of your own home or accommodation! How great is that now? We’re very excited with our new concept, we hope you will support us in this too! :)


What services does our Therapists provide when they come to you? Depending on what you need, your desires.. you choose.. ie.. Full Body Massages, Back, Neck & Shoulder, Foot SPA, Refreshing Facials, Body Scrub and Polish, Pedicure and Manicure..

What are the benefits of our Mobile/Roving DAY SPA? Our Mobile or roving Day Spa offers convenience and flexibility while bringing the luxury of a massage directly to you and to your V.I.P’s should you have guests for any occasion… We understand that many of you lives very far away from us, don’t like driving up or some of you are not comfortable getting undressed and dressed again in an unfamiliar surrounding.. Saves you, the love of your life and your V.I.P’s time, petrol money, saves you the stresses of driving, saves you time in finding us.. plus You are all able to RELAX after your therapy... You are also able to create your environment to suit and your guests mood… Taking in more of the benefits of your chosen Treatment…

Is there a minimum hour so you can hire one or two of our therapists? You can hire 1 therapists for a minimum of one hour and 2 therapists for a minimum of 2 hours. You can hire them up to 4 to 6 hours.

What’s your Price? We have currently on OFFER Until end of January

I. 1 Therapist at Vt2,500 per hour (Normally Vt3,500 per hour) PLUS 50% Surcharge for the first 2 hours and then plus 15% surcharge per hour added

II. 2 Therapists at Vt4,800 per hour (Normally Vt6,000) PLUS 50% Surcharge for the first 2 hours and then plus 15% surcharge per hour added

How does it work?

1. Our Therapist (s) to arrive 15 to 20 minutes ahead of schedule – Client to provide Space, Bed, Chair & a Table (Dependent on number of hours/people enjoying the luxury)

2. You or your Guests chooses treatment of choice and their Summit Products (for Massages & Facials) to use (Bath & Body Massage Oils)

a. 30 Minutes Refreshing Facials

b. 30 to 60 Minutes Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

c. 30 Minutes Back Facials with light Back Massage

d. 30 Minutes Foot SPA incl. Leg Massage

e. 60 Minutes FULL BODY Massage

f. Pedicure

g. Manicure

3. Plus Optional Extra FREE (Minimum of 3 hours Hire) – ONE Hour FREE. You can have Facial Mask using your product or extra 30 minutes Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage or FULL BODY SCRUB using your own product, etc  (Additional Fee should you prefer for us to use our Summit Products) LET us know what you would like to get so we can prepare

There are many more benefits of having SPA Therapists come to you, please take time to know them and the best way to know is to try experience it..

We cannot wait to come and pamper you at the comfort of your own home or accommodation! E-mail us on the or shop@thesummitdayspa to know more or simply CALL us on 536 6894 or 738 2242


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