On Our Road to Recovery

Peace, Love, Joy & Harmony

We are truly very sorry about what happened to Nepal… a few weeks after Pam visited us and hearing about Nepal’s earthquake… we cannot help ourselves feeling sad and very sorry to hear about it… Once again Mother Nature has shown us that everyone is vulnerable and no one can escape its nature and its wrath. We sent our loving prayers and our support to them in our simple way that we know best. May they also recover and find strength during this very hard time and find many support they needed badly. The lost of lives are so heart breaking!

We at The Summit Vanuatu are now on the road to recovery after Cyclone Pam and have found lots more customers during April – thank you ever so much for your support in our time of financial crisis, ones who have bought our gorgeous products for the first time and who, we are confident, will return to make future purchases once they have tried them.  This goes a good way to fill the gap left by the loss of our local markets which we are very hopeful will pick up again in a few months time when the tourists surely will return to our still so beautiful country #VanuatuStillSmiles and #YourHolidayWillHelp. We are still sad to say that Our Garden is still close and so are our Shop & Café. Our Vanuatu residents and Vanuatu visitors can find our full range of products at our new flagship shop at Tanna COffee!

In the meantime, we are offering crazy discounts and specials on our products so that you, our new online members of our Summit Vanuatu family, will be enticed to try something you might not have tried before, either for yourself or for a gift for a loved one……

Here’s our May Specials – Please Use any of the code below to your liking…
Take Note that for every order above A$101 gets FREE SHIPPING and if it contains one  of our Summit Men products gets a chance to win a Shopping Spending Spree worth A$150 plus FREE SHIPPING! We also include here some of our highly recommended products that we thought you may also like to try….

By the way,  a huge Congratulations to Our April Special Prize winner Irene Fizzell!!!

We would also like for your dad, your hubby, your boyfriend, your son, even your Grand Dad to discover our Amazing Men’s Grooming Products… And as our Introduction, we are doing a massive 20% Sale for this month… Visit our Metroman at https://www.thesummitvanuatu.com/products/for-men/ Read our Blog at https://www.thesummitvanuatu.com/the-metroman-every-man/

PS: We have very exciting news to announce in the coming week or so! Stay tuned and watch out for it!

Our Team once again is very excited and cannot wait to fill in your heart warming orders! Caring for you and your skins family, your friends and our environment naturally is our passion!

May the 4th be with You All!!! May everyone have the most amazing month!


Yours Naturally,
The Summit Vanuatu

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