Nangai nut oil is one of nature’s miraculous gift to man. Also known as Ngali nut oil and C. Indicum nut oil, this oil is used my Melanesians for a variety of purposes. Locals use the oil for cooking and for pain relief. The nut is also widely eaten and is a significant source of protein in the Melanesian diet.

Nangali oil is obtained by cold pressing the nuts. The oil can be identified by its clearness and the mild nutty aroma that it emanates. The nut from which the oil is derived is very valuable in the Solomon Islands. In fact, it connotes social status and is served to business class customers on Solomon Airlines.

One of the many uses of Ngali nut oil is for the relief of arthritic symptoms. A research supported by ACIAR showed that Nangai oil is a viable treatment option for arthritis. As a result, the oil is gaining traction as an alternative to steroid based applications.

If you are not getting any relief from your current arthritis pain relievers, you could benefit from using nangai oil to treat the condition. Melanesians locals have long known the potency and effect of this oil as a pain reliever. With that being said, don’t suffer another day with arthritis pain, purchase a bottle of Nangai oil today.