Because you deserve a BEAUTIFUL, MEMORABLE & RELAXING  DAY at The Summit in Vanuatu, South Pacific! 🙂

Everyone is asking for our DAY SPA brochure! Apologies that it has taken long folks.. as days pass by after our SOFT OPENING, we are continuously playing with what the BEST PRICE we should OFFER our future Summit Guests to experience Our Gardens, Cafe & our DAY SPA altogether.. PRICE that will RELAX, UNWIND & PAMPER yet will not cost huge to you but will MEET all our operating costs and a very small profit at the same time.. and finally.. we SET our Best Price!! 🙂

We have 3 additions to our Summit Family – Auntie Esneth, Jojo Athy, Joy and Arnold Sorena (On Saturdays).. Our 4 Most Amazing, experienced and friendly SPA Therapists! Saying this, we don’t really want you to miss the chance of experiencing our DAY SPA so we can continue providing them with jobs they so love & so proud of! 🙂 Hope you’re with us on this too!! 🙂 That goes to Michelle too – who’s looking after our SPA  – who is also responsible with  our Summit Products Sales & Distribution.. who will only earn after SPA Operating costs are met & will have any sales from Local Retailers & Online 🙂

As you may know or not yet.. we adopt TRADE NOT AID of doing our Summit Business.. Trade is your AID! 🙂

When you COME UP, stroll our gardens or have some refreshment or food at our CAFE & do a small shopping at our SHOP or experience our DAY SPA.. you make sure, we continue providing jobs for our locals, boost Vanuatu economy in a small way, support other local businesses & most importantly we continue providing you with 100% Natural Health & Body products that are purely Vanuatu sourced & made, all Sandalwood based as one of your Vanuatu Souvenirs or use as your daily health & body products.. which we also use at our SPA..

Without further a do! Below is how our DAY SPA brochure will look unless changed! Check out our SPECIAL PROMO Price all year round!! If you also BOOK Jungle Zipline or Segway at the same time it’s LESS 10%!

Print this & bring with you to our SPA OR simply call 536 6894 or 546 9296 or e-mail to Book! at

We have other  SPA Experiences that you may want to try available at

Because you deserve a BEAUTIFUL, MEMORABLE & RELAXING  DAY at The Summit in Vanuatu! 🙂