Our DAY SPA Health Benefits

thNZSCMHCUWelcome to our DAY SPA.. Come In.. Come & experience first hand.. the relaxing, the peace & the serenity and calming space that you’re longing for.. welcome to the healing sense our spa space immediately brings.. immediately feel calm & relax.. bringing your body & mind into one.. How we set the mood in our spa is based on the thousands of research & studies that revealed what our mind & body need to heal when tensed, stressed & anxious.. Come & smell our Summit natural soy wax fragrant candles burning, chosen burning incense, our space clean & clearing spray scent and listen to our chosen Spa music.. our Spa therapists warmth welcome.. these all are helping us in setting the much needed mood that we believe is what our clients are seeking & looking for.. our space alone will immediately transport you to a heavenly & relaxing place.. Why are we here? Why did we open a DAY SPA? We believe that all of us need and deserve a day spa wherever we are.. Know the benefits and reasons why we are born by reading below..

How do you benefit when you experience us? Let’s start with Aromatherapy and knowing why we are using Aromatherapy in all our Treatments without paying extras.. in our massages, facials, body treatments & even when we do our manicure & pedicure..

Massage therapy such as in our Massage Selection is beneficial on its own; however according to some studies, when it’s used in conjunction with essential oils, these two therapies can be synergistically more beneficial than when they’re performed separately. Aromatherapy massage involves a massage treatment using essential oils. Which essential oils do we use? We add drops of our Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil in our Massage potion.. which is a mixture of our Sandalwood & Canarium Nut Balm mixed with our Premium Summit Coconut Oil Bath & Body Oil already infused with Pure Ylang-Ylang or Lime or Pure Mandarin Essential Oil.. Know the benefits of our chosen essential oils for you to choose.. research it yourself so you know first hand and not just take our word for it.. then experience it in our SPA or buy our SPA products here and create your SPA at the comfort of your own home..


Our Main Goal

thIt is known that oftentimes the oils chosen for aromatherapy massage are meant to tap into the clients memory. These can be smells that remind the client of a time when they felt happy, safe, relaxed, peaceful or energized. The combination of the senses – the emotion elicited by the scent of the essential oil and the sensation of touch – is how aromatherapy massage makes a client feel relaxed, stimulated, peaceful or euphoric, depending on their desired emotional response.. It is also known that this combination can also provide stress relief and pain relief, help aid a sleeping disorder or physical condition, or energize the mind and body.. All of the above are our top reasons why we are here, why our DAY SPA is born.. plus providing earning opportunities for our most loved & wonderful SPA local therapists..

Aromatherapy has long been used outside of traditional massage practices, and has recently become popular among consumers as a way to relax and rejuventate without the added benefit of massage.

Our Products

Our selected pure essential oils & our Massage potion & products for facials & body treatments that we use in our SPA are all Our Summit Natural Skin Care Products which you may know or not are all Tropical Vanuatu, South Pacific inspired and Essential Oils that we distil in our own Essential Oil Distillery such as our Pure Sandalwood Oil, Pure Tahitian Lime Oil & Pure Mandarin Oil.. We also use Essential Oil blend such as Ylang-Ylang & Avocado Oil, Lime & Avocado Oil, Mandarin & Avocado Oil. You will also note that our Base Massage Carrier Oil is our worlds’ most known oil, our Premium Vanuatu Summit Coconut Oil.

If you read more here, you’ll find out more why we chose to include Aromatherapy in all our treatments..

Meet Our DAY SPA Therapists Team


O20160827_142429ur Senior Massage therapist Esnith – REPLACED NOW by Anna is highly experienced, highly recommended and very professional. She has many years of massage experience, manicure/pedicure & waxing experiences. She gained her experiences since 2005 at Breakas, Eden Beauty, Lotus & lastly Rina’s. We also have another Lady, her name is Joanna (Jo-Jo) the young lady sitting down who is an advanced massage therapist trainee. We also have 2 more experienced Therapists joining us when we have 10 bookings in a day Joy (Lady standing in the middle) & Arnold (The only Male in the photo). Michelle – some of you may know her already or not.. the lady standing on the left, is a professional Healthcare provider – Licensed Chemist by profession, manages our  summit product sales & marketing, and now also  looks after SPA bookings and marketing who also assist and does Facials when we get busy. We hope to see you and will come, meet our most amazing & friendly SPA therapists.. They are all shy but they have the most caring & loving nature.. Let them heal, relax and pamper you..

Let’s Talk about Touch

Touch is a way of connecting, exchanging information, and building a relationship – this forms the basis of all communication and is central to our work with all people who have severe learning difficulties (Sanderson et al. 1997).

Touch and smell are vital in order to understand the environment. They are also a basic behavioural need. Touch contributes towards a multi-sensory approach to help those with sensory impairment. It is supportive and comforting; it can help develop trust and relationships, so adding to quality of life (Nind et al. 1998).

The RCCM gives dozens of abstracts and references for research on touch (http://www.rccm.org.uk/massagetouch.htm)

Let’s Talk about Trust

Massage can also be used as a way of building up a relationship and developing trust between a client with learning disabilities and a key worker. Sanderson et al. (1997) talks about ‘interactive massage’ with people who have learning disabilities (page 7, 74 and 77) where massage is used as a communication tool to share, learn to trust, and help release emotions.

Read More of This Article Here: http://www.natural-holistic-health.com/benefits-of-aromatherapy-and-massage/

Upon reading the above, you know and you are rest assured that our SPA Therapists healing & nurturing hands, our relaxing, peaceful & calming Spa space, our carefully & lovingly planned & selected pampering & relaxation using our very own Sandalwood Based/Tropical Oils Based/Vanuatu Sourced & Created Summit Natural Health & Body Product treatments – that are Pure, Natural & Beneficial..

1. Melts all your stresses & tensions away

2. Improves your blood circulation

3. Improves your sleep

4. Improves your overall well-being

5. Helps alleviates mild body pain, mild anxiety & depression thus increases your libido as added benefit

6. Nourishes your skin purely & naturally at the same time

7. Doesn’t hurt your pockets and 

8. Paves the way for your perfect tropical Vanuatu South Pacific experience!

Trust, Believe each moment, Open up & feel our love, our care, our respect.. as we are treating & massaging & nourishing your skin, bringing your mind & body into one at the same time..have everything above.. All of the above are our very reasons why we are here apart from keeping & giving job & earning opportunities for our locals with high respect to our environment. Book Now & Experience!