Available in Lime if you like zesty and zingy or Ylang – Ylang if you like floral & lady like.

Why would I want it The Summit? It’s Oily!!! Yucky – my face is already oily – and then We reply — Ladies & Gents – You don’t know what you’re missing! It’s so good – Many of our gorgeous customers vouches for it, our Pharmacist, our GM and all of our Summit Team! Oh so good, fresh, all skin loving and just the best! But don’t just take our word for it – Try it and then you tell us if it also works well with you!

It is an all natural face wash of cleansing, skin-loving oils which are easily absorbed into your skin to remove impurities and clean pores.

What’s in it? What makes it so good?
1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 
Allows complete skin care when applied directly owing to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Extremely hydrating as readily absorbed by skin.

2. Pure Avocado Oil 
A soothing anti-inflammatory oil . Very nourishing to the skin and effective in treating skin ailments such as acne, psoriasis and eczema

3. Pure Sandalwood Honey
A powerful natural antibiotic and healing agent

4. Pure Petitgrain Tahitian Lime Oil 
Uplifting citrus oil with anti bacterial and skin toning qualities. Our pure oil is steam distilled from the leaves and green twigs of our Tahitian Lime trees (Citrus latifolia).


How do I use it? What do I need? 
— Prepare a clean damp white cloth or damp sponge near you.
— Choose your Facial Cleansing Oil
— Wet your face & neck with warm water then apply cleansing oil sparingly or abundantly if you feel like you need it whilst your face & neck is wet & damp.
— Grab your clean damp white cloth or damp sponge then gently gently rub your face & neck, massaging gently upwards and caressing gently for a minute or 2 until oil is removed.
— You’re in for a surprise of how much dirt you’ll see!

Best to follow it up with our Facial Hydrating Toner then our Moisturisers – Sandalwood & Tamanu cream on areas where wrinkles and fine lines are seen then apply our Facial Moisturiser Lime or Ylang-Ylang to finish.

The best cleanser – the best feeling!!! Smells divine and worksdivine.

PS: You can replace your daily routine Facial Cleansing Oil for our Polish and Mask to do on weekly routine  basis. Or use our cleansing oil after Polish or after Mask.

Now remember all our fabulous natural skin care products are well suited for any skin types and any skin color.


Buy and Enjoy the benefits of Our Facial Cleansing Oil!