P&O Cruise Ships has been sending myriad of tourists to our Beautiful Vanuatu ever since. Just last year, they have carried & sent about 400,000 tourists to our Vanuatu shore!! Aren’t they amazing & say huge!?

Anyway, over the years, they have greatly increased & have greatly improved every visiting P&O ship to our shore.. Please go to their website to know more about their fleet at https://www.pocruises.com.au/destinations/pacific-islands/vanuatu/port-vila 

Video below features their newest addition!!


Anyhow, we would like to share that P&O when Cyclone Pam came, because of the possible danger that pam can bring to tourists aboard their ships, they cancelled many scheduled cruise ships, we understood but did cause a bit of heartache because we needed more tourists more than ever because of what just happened but guess what!?! In return, they allowed some of their ships to be used as carrier to bring tons & tons of cyclone Pam donations & cyclone pam relief & docked at our improved wharf! We thought that was very generous & very kind of them! Don’t you think?

There’s more!! Early this year, we attended a conference that offered Vanuatu business product owners to sell on P&O Cruise ships! P&O crew have the most amazing Team Leaders! We’re very happy that we attended the conference, met their key personnel & most of all met many other Vanuatu business owners  & tasted many of Vanuatu made products!

Our visiting tourists are spoiled with many 100% Vanuatu made Souvenirs to remind them of their amazing Vanuatu trips and holidays! You’d ask, What made our Summit Health & Body products different from other Vanuatu souvenirs is that

1. Our products are all Divine Sandalwood Based

2. 100% Vanuatu Made & Created 200M above the sea level, in a serene & tranquil environment, where you can view the creation right before your eyes at our Essential Oils Distillery

3. Created with pure love, passion, care & respect to our environment.

4. Our products KEY Ingredients are all Vanuatu sourced – includes Tamanu, Coconut, Nangai (Nagae)/Canarium,  Cocoa, Coffee that’s been used many centuries ago before “white mens medicine” came to treat & heal skin issues, cuts & wounds, to improve health.

If you like what we have, come up to where we are, buy from our Shop & experience our Bath & Body Oils & our Facials at our newly opened DAY SPA or go visit our stockists here and other SPA using our products like Oasis SPA in Le Lagon & Rina’s in town and many other SPA such as the Famous Lotus.

Oh Vanuatu, like many other countries has so much to offer – place, people & natural produce! We’re not saying that living here is all up & no down moment because as you may know or not – cyclone pam came, climate changes, etc.  Anyway,  P&O Key personnel came Ann (below photo) – P&O Carnival CEO, Kevin & Gavin!

annYes they came to visit us and also shared their most helpful tips on how to try & get tourists buy many of our amazing Vanuatu products when trying to sell products aboard their ships will fail. We so appreciate P&O and of course all other tourist carriers to Vanuatu from around the world to keep our tourism alive most especially when she Pam came.

Anyhow, what’s making us so excited recently about P&O apart from them bringing thousands & thousands of tourists to our shore?

Our Summit Health & Body Products will be retailed on their 5 HUGE Ships!! We’re so over the moon! That’s all thanks to the most amazing & most helpful Sandrine of ACTIV! We’re on Pacific DAWN too – missing photo! We can never be thankful enough to P&O, to Sandrine, to our Summit Vanuatu team & of course to our God (if you believe) for making all these possible!

IMG_20151127_133506 IMG_20151127_133542 IMG_20151127_133608

So, there you go our dear customers, supporters, family & friends and to those who stayed with us through thick & thin.. we’re in our next level & that’s all thanks to all of you!! We wouldn’t be here without all of you.. You may be sick hearing it from us but that’s our truth.. with all our God’s blessings and approval.

Thank you all so much again!

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From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!