Privacy Policy & Export Restrictions Policy


Our Privacy Policy in plain English

This policy sets out how we use any personal information we may obtain during our business dealings with you. If you still have a query that you are unsure of after reading below, please contact us.

How do you collect information about me?

We hold information you gave us when you registered as a customer or purchased one of our products or services, or you may have opted in at our website or when you visited our shop in Vanuatu, to receive a newsletter from us. This includes your name and contact details. We do not hold transaction and payment information such as credit card numbers.

What do you do with this information you collect?

We use it only in the context of providing ongoing excellent customer service to you. We try to judge your preferred aroma profiles and product preferences so that we might keep you informed of new products or assist you to participate in special deals from time to time. We have a Sandalwood Club whose members have volunteered their contact details and thus we acknowledge they have given their approval to receive such information from us. This is a form of advertising our products, but rest assured that we never give your contact information to any other companies, either paid or unpaid by them, for the purposes of marketing to you.

What if I want to end this practice of receiving your advertising materials?

We subscribe to a recognized provider of email services for newsletters, and there is a button on each newsletter we send from this service which if used will enable you to Unsubscribe at any time from our distribution list.

Do you use cookies on your website?

Our website is designed to make it easy for you to find out about our products, to apply for them and to manage your account where applicable. To do this, we may use cookies, which are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer’s memory or hard disk for record keeping purposes. Cookies can help us make your experience of the website more relevant, and they can also help us learn about how people use our website. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies, but you can always change your computer settings to stop them. If you choose to do that, you may not be able to take full advantage of our online services but that is your choice and decision to make.

Can I get access to my information or change or delete it?

If you want to change any information we have about you, you can do that. Simply login into your account on our website and make your changes, or if you are unable to do it there, contact us. If you want us to delete information we will certainly accommodate you as much as possible, but we may need to keep information for legal or historical reasons. If this is the case, we will let you know the circumstances and the implications.


What if I have a complaint about privacy?

Your privacy concerns are very important to us. We will examine your issues and work through them with you until we reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your complaints.

What happens if your Privacy Policy changes in future?

We are very receptive to the feedback our customers give us as we believe in excellence in all areas of our business. Because of this, our Privacy Policy may need to change from time to time. If it does, we will publish the new version on this website but will not as a rule send you specific notice of any change. And of course, we will always treat your personal information with the highest respect and circumstance.



Generally speaking there are no restrictions on export trade in Vanuatu. Goods to be exported from Vanuatu are under the control of Customs from the point of receipt into a Customs controlled area until lodgement of a declaration to Customs. Subject to the approval of the Council of Ministers, the Minister for Customs may, by order in writing, prohibit or restrict the exportation from Vanuatu of any goods. The Company does not export, or attempt to export, any goods the exportation of which from Vanuatu is prohibited under the Vanuatu Customs Act or any other Act; or export or attempt to export any goods in contravention of any restriction that may be in force at the time under the Vanuatu Customs Act or any other Act. The Company is aware there are penalties involving a fine or imprisonment or both. Furthermore, the Company is aware that goods involved in any such offence may be seized by Customs and on seizure forfeited to the Government.

There are no quota restrictions and there is no system of preferential tariffs or duties on goods coming from the Company. In fact, the Vanuatu Government positively encourages exports as a means to try to improve its balance of trade which is very heavily weighted with imports far outstripping exports. The Department of Trade in Vanuatu has been instrumental in helping the Company find markets for its processed products.

The Company makes its commercial decisions itself on the basis of commercial risk, bearing in mind the increased risk that may result if high profile business engagement might be exploited by some countries receiving the Company’s products, for political or any other reasons.

The Company’s processed products are commercially packed and labelled with the country of origin indicated. All declarations and export loading processes required under the Vanuatu Customs Act are made by the Company on the forms required in a timely fashion. All relevant export duties levied are paid by the Company prior to export.