Moisturise Body

We make moisturisers from 3 different bases – a coconut oil base, a nangai oil base and a cocoa butter base – all combined with our heavenly sandalwood hydrosol water which imparts its own precious skin care qualities in addition to the renowned skin-loving benefits of our bases. And to top them off, we add delicate and pure essential oils which arouse your senses whilst further enhancing your skin tone.

You might like to start off with a coconut and pure essential oils mixture for a luscious bath and body oil. Then pamper yourself with a Sandalwood Moisturiser (coconut oil base), a Canarium Nut Balm (nangai oil base) or a body butter which is a voluptuous whipped cream concoction of tropical oils and cocoa butter. All of their velvety textures and fragrant properties will make you feel refreshed and your skin hydrated and nourished like never before. You can have an “ah! ha!” moment in the middle of the night where you will marvel at how soft and plump your skin feels when you touch it.

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