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A range of solution packs and sets that have been tailored for those attracted to our “Made in Vanuatu” quality products. The boxes are handmade from 100% recycled cardboard by our craftspeople and are full of the amazing soaps, body mists and essential oils available from The Summit. Why are our packs so special? They contain Pure. Natural. Beneficial. Local Ingredients AND customers appreciate our packaging policy…….

Handmade in Vanuatu to our specifications from clean, recycled, local materials, our unique and attractive packaging represents our vision for our business and for Vanuatu:
* Import replacements to provide jobs for locals and to improve the balance of trade;
* Recycling and minimal packaging to save trees and carbon emissions; and
* Promotion of locally-owned industries to boost the local economies

A Win-Win where cost savings can be passed onto our customers. Enjoy!

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