DAY SPA Products - Healing Formulations, Massage Oils, Candles

The Summit for Spa Therapists

Our 100% natural collection of essential oils infused skincare and health products are ideally suited to massaging and treating clients. Furthermore The Summit’s unique South Pacific gently scented essences create a relaxing spa ambience with air space and linens always clean and fresh.

Do you want to learn more about how our pure tamanu, nangai (canarium), Tahitian lime and sandalwood based formulations are healing and beneficial to health & body? Here on our website you can read and research about each of the ingredients in each of our products.

However, it’s always best to try our products first hand to see, experience and feel how truly fabulous they are!

Create Your Own Label

If you are a Health Spa owner, Spa Therapist or Massage Therapist and have already used our products, why not create your own label? We cater to small spa therapy businesses and have low order minimums and quick turnarounds. Additionally, we sell in buckets at discounted prices.

Visit us

If you’re in Vanuatu or visiting Vanuatu, please don’t hesitate to come & visit us at The Summit Health and Skin Care Shop in the Tanna Coffee eco centre. While there, view the fascinating essential oils distilling process and the manufacture of our skin care range.

We would be happy to hear from you for any related questions.

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