The Summit Soaps are based on cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, sandalwood water (hydrosol) and tamanu oil. Using the cold press method to make our soaps means all of the glycerine is left, providing a luscious lather for your enjoyment.

Our soaps are…
A. Made by hand, using the best of the hold fashioned ways with essential precious oils, rich butters, natural colorants, free of artificial fragrance.
B. Economically and environmentally friendly, NO plastic bottle juggling.
C. Quite versatile – every bar is uniquely blended so that it can be used as a shampoo bar and shaving soap as well as a nourishing soap for your entire body.
D. Made with wise modern technology and accurate digital scales to ensure balanced, gentle batches.
E. A very healthy alternative to mass produced soaps.
F. Making road trips a SNAP! Pack your: toothbrush, floss, favorite soap, wash cloth, shoes, clothes, laptop, meds, camera, cell phone and whew … GOOD TO GO!

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