Acne Be Gone

Shrewd skin-saving solutions in an All Or Nothing Total Regime Kit. Your daily skin care routine must be diligence personified, there is no one “magic” bottle cures all, it is quite simply a new way of life to use all of these products regularly in accordance with our directions, but it will be one routine you will come to love and appreciate. Use them to cure that acne in your teens, and then continue to use them forever and a day. They are just an all round common sense antidote to those harmful chemicals that strip your skin of its natural antimicrobial acid guards, and which leave your pores open and defenceless against infections and bad bacteria.

Firstly, top quality ingredients, excellence in production techniques and quality control are so important. You quite literally get what you pay for in life and in skin care results. Sandalwood is a much sought after but endangered species, and hence, prices of its products reflect this critical shortage of supply. The best Tamanu Oil in the world comes from Vanuatu and then only from the tamanu trees that grow naturally by the seashore, and then only by using the cold process extraction method for the oil from the fruit – all of which we take advantage of in our oil. Then there is coconut oil and there is extra virgin coconut oil. Extra virgin coconut oil is the Queen of Coconut Oils, and we use only this highest quality coconut oil in our products. It is so special because it has not been subjected to any heat during its extraction process. This cold process technique means that none of its essential fatty acids and other goodness have been removed. This is so critical in effective skin care.

There is no substitute for best quality, pure and natural oils, and obviously they will cost more than the cheaper, adulterated variety. However, the money you pay for skin care is an investment in your future dreams of happiness and wellbeing, and the benefits can be numerous with visible results. However, for some, the treatment with our pure and natural products containing sandalwood and other oils may not produce any result at all, although the use of the products themselves will not be harmful because they are simple botanicals. In such cases, you will need to accept that a natural cure is not for you and you should then consult a dermatologist who will prescribe the appropriate medication.

Total price of items sold separately is $131.50. You save 10% if you buy the pack, AND they come in a unique, hand crafted box made of local recycled and oh-so-eco creations.

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