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It has been very trying, challenging & stressful weeks for many Vanuatu Residents after TC PAM – 100 days — including for us here at The Summit! thus I came up with an idea of creating this luxurious & healing bath ¬†formula¬†with the help of¬†David & Carol Schiller from Their Book of Aromatherapy for Mind & Body. But Thankfully, the challenging times is almost over! Next!

I created and I am sharing this oh so luxurious & divine bath formula (if you are not allergic and not pregnant) so¬†you and I can also chill, relax and enjoy 30 minutes of your ME time every week or every fortnight if you wish! Or do this as often as you like if you feel like you are needing it! Make sure that you don’t use anything or mix anything in your bath that is not pure and not natural because you will not only inhale the ingredients that you are putting in but you will also be absorbing it into your bloodstream! ¬†You don’t want that!¬†



Create your Luxurious Bath Formula

(For as Little as A$104.85 only  РFREE SHIPPING Рabout 28 baths supply)

(before you ran out of Sandalwood Oil)


7 drops Sandalwood Oil

5 drops Mandarin Oil

1 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil

(1tsp = 5ml) (10ml Sandalwood Oil will tield 200drops) (10ml mandarin Oil will yield 200 drops)

How to Prepare

Fill your bath tub with water as warm as you like. Add the formula, dispersing it evenly throughout the water. Enter the bath immediately, since the essential oils will evaporate quickly.

Set a soft music in the background too, lit a candle to create a warm room temperature and make sure you will not be disturbed by anyone unless you are bathing with your love one of course!

Whilst soaking, apply our Sandalwood Mask on your face and neck too if you feel like it!

RELAX & ENJOY your bath for 30 minutes!


I also find Dr. Robin Berzin’s Stress Solution very insightful!

Below are the reasons  why I have chosen this formula from their book to create this Luxurious, Relaxing, Skin & Body Caring & Complete Rejuvenating Bath.

Uses & Benefits of Sandalwood Oil 

Sandalwood Oil Effects on our Mind & Emotion
Pure Sandalwood Oil 10ml

Pure Sandalwood Oil 10ml

– Calming

– Mood Uplifting

– Promotes Restful Sleep

– Reduce Stress

– Aphrodisiac

– encourages communication

– brings out emotions

– helpful for meditation

– boosts memory

Sandalwood Oil Effects on our Body

– Healing to the Skin

–¬†Reducing the appearance of wrinkles

– Treating eczema

– Treating Psoriasis

–¬†Treating Acne

–¬†Treating cramps

–¬†Treating coughs

–¬†Healing and fading scar tissues

–¬†Reduces swelling of lymph glands

–¬†Toner for the skin

– Reducing body odour

Sandalwood Oil Other uses

– Fixative for fragrances

Read more Benefits Here

Uses & Benefits of Mandarin Oil

Mandarin Oil Effects on our Mind & Emotion

– Calming

– Promotes Restful Sleep

– Mood Uplifting

– Improves Mental Clarity

– Sharpens the senses

– Relieves stress & tension

Mandarin Oil on the Body

– Cooling

Helps in the Reduction of Cellulite deposits

– Purifying

Precaution: Essential Oil of Mandarin can irritate dry skin. Skin can burn if exposed to sunlight after topical application.

Benefits and Uses of Virgin Coconut Oil


Use this natural beauty must-have on all parts of the body, both internally and externally, especially on the hair and the skin. Its antioxidants delay aging skin, provide relief from eczema and dermatitis, and nourish damaged hair. Because it is food grade quality, it may be taken internally to help fight disease, aid digestion and absorb nutrients.