Cystitis is one among the most uncomfortable infections to live with. The frequent urination, stinging when you urinate and the pain in the bladder can be very debilitating. If you have recurring bouts of cystitis and want to treat it without the use of antibiotics, sandalwood oil is a great alternative.

You may already know that cystitis is caused by inflammation in the bladder. That said, sandalwood has both antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties that can help you to treat your cystitis safely and effectively.
How to Treat Cystitis with Sandalwood OilTreating cystitis with sandalwood oil is simpler than you think. First you will need to prepare a warm bath. To this, you will need to add a cup of Dead Sea salts and four drops of sandalwood oil. Sit in the bath for at least fifteen minutes. Due to the antiseptic properties of these two ingredients, they will help to fight the infection. Continued use of this remedy will keep the infection at bay and prevent further outbreaks.

Preventing Cystitis

It is a well known proverb that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, along with frequent sandalwood oil baths you should drink plenty water. Doing this will flush bacteria from your body. Urinating immediately after having sex and avoiding fizzy and caffeinated drinks will also reduce the possibility of your bladder becoming infected.
The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of sandalwood oil make it a very useful cystitis remedy. If you have regular bouts of cystitis, you can purchase some sandalwood oil today so that you aren’t caught off guard the next time around.