Do you constantly daydream of healthy, lustrous, flowing mane? If you regularly bleach, colour or heat-style your hair, it will ultimately leave your hair feeling dry, brittle and weak. In your bid to restore moisture and sheen to your hair, your bathroom may be filled with hair products that haven’t been able to provide you with the results you crave. There is, however, one viable remedy for lustrous, healthy hair that you have not considered. That remedy is sandalwood oil.

Sandalwood Oil’s History for Promoting Beautiful Hair

Sandalwood oil has long been used by Indian women to increase shine, prevent dryness, as a hair straightener and also as a rinse. Sandalwood oil has moisturising properties and as a result it is a popular ingredient in some shampoos and conditioners that target dry and damaged hair.

Sandalwood Oil Remedy for Beautiful Hair

To use sandalwood oil to increase natural sheen, strength and manageability, you will need one cup of water, the juice from one orange and a tablespoon of honey. Combine these ingredients and apply after shampooing your hair. Cover hair with a warm towel and let stand for 15 minutes. You will notice an instant difference to the texture and appearance of your hair.

Chuck out the useless bottles of hair products that have promised beautiful main and have not delivered results. Make space, instead, for a bottle of effective sandalwood oil. By using sandalwood oil as an hair treatment, lustrous, healthy hair can become more than just a dream. It can become a reality. Are you ready to start your journey to beautiful hair?