There’s nothing quite like basking in the sunshine on a nice, sunny day. However, if you have ever been concerned about getting too much sun and the possibility of developing skin cancer due to UV rays, you can quit worrying. This is because sandalwood oil is said to have the ability to prevent skin cancers, especially those caused by ultra violet radiation. The oil has also been shown to inhibit the growth cells in a range of cancers.

In 2008, an anti-cancer research study found that sandalwood oil could be used as a preventative agent against skin cancer. Though the subjects used in this study were mice, it still proved that sandalwood oil was effective in preventing skin cancer.

Another study conducted Brigham Young University also found that this oil was very effective in inhibiting the growth cells of cancers in the breast, prostate and the cervix.The study showed that sandalwood oil was 98.1% effective against breast cancer, 84% against prostate cancer and 58.7% against skin cancer. This was achieved by using the oil in low concentrations.

When summer comes around, you can ensure you have one less thing to worry about by including sandalwood oil in your sunscreen application regimen. With that being said, bear in mind that sandalwood oil is quite potent and a little does go a long way.

Also, if you have any of the cancers listed above, you can also use sandalwood oil to help in your treatment. However, it is best if you consult a qualified herbalist to find out the dosage amounts required for your condition.
Don’t allow summer to catch you off guard without a bottle or two of sandalwood oil. Indeed, prevention is better than cure. So ensure that this is one of the products you use when you are out and about in the scorching heat.