Sandalwood powder is the pure ground heartwood of the sandalwood tree. The Summit sandalwood powder has been analysed as containing 6%+ of the valuable sandalwood oil. It is mid-brown in colour and has the characteristic sandalwood aroma.

For skin care, sandalwood powder has the same antiseptic qualities as sandalwood oil. Its skin care uses include:

  • Making face masks, mud packs and body wraps which utilise its moistening, astringent and balancing qualities, for general well-being as well as treating for skin problems;
  • Addition to soaps and body scrubs as an exfoliating agent in addition to its skin care qualities.

Sandalwood powder makes excellent incense when burnt naturally, or made into cones or incense sticks, with a pleasant aroma and an emotion-calming effect.

For religious purposes, sandalwood powder is also burnt, or mixed into paste. Our powder burns well with plenty of smoke and its distinctive, wonderful aroma.

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