To all our Real Sandalwood Essential Oil aficionados – please do not be fooled with the low quality sandalwood essential oils out there, you deserve better than this! Don’t fall for the cheap prices nor be enticed by the premium price either. Make sure that what you are buying is NOT Fake, NOT adulterated, NOT diluted and NOT of LOW quality!


Where can you get Real & Authentic Sandalwood Essential Oil? Look no further, we are here to save you from all of those bad decisions! If you are looking for Santalum austrocaledonicum Essential Oil – which is rich in Santalol, the constituent which gives sandalwood its signature aroma and which makes it much in demand for signature perfumes – you can still avail yourself of authentic Real quality and 100% Pure Santalum austrocaledonicum – Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil -Vanuatu – right here from us at The Summit Vanuatu where our Sandalwood Trees are ethically grown in plantations, using sustainable farming techniques.


We are often asked “Are your Sandalwood Trees Ethical & Sustainable? Yes, The Summit’s Sandalwood Trees are grown ethically and in a sustainable framework. Right now, at our Summit Vanuatu Plantations alone – we have more than 120,000 Sandalwood Trees available to be harvested during the next 15 to 20 years.  We have a dedicated team of Ni-Vanuatu farmers and afforestation experts tending to the trees, thus providing many jobs for the local economy.  There are also many Ni-Vanuatu growers who have established their Sandalwood Trees on their custom land in their islands, as the result of the Vanuatu Government initiatives, in conjunction with the management of The Summit, which have facilitated the sustainability of this very precious Sandalwood Tree.  This diversification of trees around the many islands means that this valuable resource will add to the economies of those islands in the years to come.  The Summit management has been instrumental over the last 5 years in assisting these island growers to gain a registered title for their trees, and this pride of ownership and security is encouraging many more plantings than in the prior 20 or more years.


the-summit-plantation-1 the-summit-plantation-3Where do we source our Sandalwood Trees in Vanuatu?
Some of the Sandalwood Trees that we use for distilling our precious Pure Sandalwood Oil came from our own Plantations after harvesting trees of 17 years and above.  We also purchase Sandalwood Trees from island growers, some of whom have trees 30 years or older.  There are very few wild harvested trees left in Vanuatu that are easily accessible, and the harvest of these is still tightly controlled by the issue of licences by the Vanuatu Government to a very few Ni-Vanuatu licencees who then mainly export the logs.  We are finding the quality and quantity of oil from plantation grown sandalwood is far superior to that from wild harvested logs, which makes us very optimistic that the Vanuatu economy will benefit in the years to come by the sustainable cultivation and ethical harvesting and selling of this resource.

essentialoil_sandalwood_lrgThis Psandalwood_oilrecious Golden Oil – Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil – Santalum austrocaledonicum.  One of our Missions is to keep supplying this “Precious & Golden Oil” without sacrificing its quality nor the livelihood of any of our Sandalwood Tree growers and farmers. You can BUY our 100% Pure Sandalwood Oil at at a very fair price given that it totally 100% Pure and Unadulterated.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmapmOur Own Distillation Unit and our Location
We distil our own pure Sandalwood Oil –Santalum austrocaledonicum – Vanuatu South Pacific oil at our own Essential Oils Distillery using our specially fabricated low pressured Steam Distillation Unit – where you can view its distillation process right before your eyes. Visit us at The Summit – 200M above sea level on Devil’s Point Road, Vanuatu, South Pacific.


So would you still want to buy low quality Sandalwood Oil? Low quality Santalum austrocaledonicum? Diluted Sandalwood Oil? Or synthetic Sandalwood Oil knowing that you can still get the real one? 
We thought NOT! So BUY yours from us at to get the quality you desire for creating your own signature perfumes, blending pure essential oil blends and creating your own signature sandalwood-based natural skin care products.


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love-me-money-back-logoStill not convinced? We give you your money back 100% if you are NOT satisfied with our Quality. We have a 5ml sample size available for you to try.





andrea-2 Dr. BberkowskyStill not convinced? Read Testimonials from some of our Real users who are Experienced  Well respected Aromatherapists – Andrea Butje, Heather H., Renee Duval, Virginia & Dr. Berkowsky who are very kind enough to share honest & truthful reviews at  and if you scroll down in our Home page you’ll also find testimonials there.

Andrea absolutely LOVES our sandalwood Hydrosol which contains drops of Sandalwood Oil — sandalwood hydrosol is the water collected in distilling sandalwood essential oil and contains all of the properties of the oil, but in a much more diluted form. So, how much more can SHE LOVE our Pure Sandalwood Essential oil itself too? See her Sandalwood Water Review here.




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