Happy New Year Everyone!  We are very glad you found us. Thank you for checking what we have and we hope that we have something that you’re looking for. Our natural products key ingredients such as Sandalwood, Tamanu, Nangai, Coconut, Green Coffee Beans, Tangelo , Lime, Honey are sourced within our beautiful Islands of Vanuatu, are created up in the Summit mountain – 200 meters above sea level and are made with so much care, respect and love to our environment.

There are so many natural skin care products out there and we are happy & thankful that you are also giving what we have and produced in Vanuatu 100% a try. Should you find any difficulties ordering our products online or should you have any questions about our products, please never hesitate to contact us.  You can start shopping online when you’re not in our beautiful Vanuatu and select your products by clicking here and below are the steps how.