If you have eczema, then you are probably aware of all products that claim to provide relief for your dry, itchy skin. Fortunately, it is believed that tamanu oil is a reliable treatment option for eczema sufferers. In a previous post, it was highlighted that pacific islanders have used tamanu oil for centuries. In particularly, Polynesian women use this oil to prevent diaper rash and skin eruptions on their babies.

Why Tamanu Oil is an Effective Eczema Treatment

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Dry, scaly and inflamed skin is a common characteristic on those suffering from eczema. Tamanu oil as anti-inflammatory properties and is exactly why it is so effective in treating eczema.

Anti-bacterial Properties

Eczema sufferers are highly prone to developing a variety of diseases caused by fungal infections, bacteria and viruses. This is because the condition severely impairs the barrier function of the skin to protect the body from harmful diseases. Tamanu oil consists of potent antibacterial properties which can help ward off potential virus and bacteria from entering the body.

If you are tired of experimenting with different products geared towards treating eczema, you may want to try, tamanu oil. This “Oil of the Gods” may just be the relief you have been looking for.