Are age spots and unattractive acne scars taking a toll on your self confidence? If so, then you could benefit from using tamanu oil. Tamanu oil promotes the formation of new tissues and this may be the reason why it is very effective remedy for healing wounds and diminishing scars. If fact, French medical literature consists of several cases of reported success with the use of tamanu oil on severe burns and other skin conditions such as gangrenous ulcers.

Tamanu Oil for Scars

A clinical study conducted by Beausoleil and Lehman showed that tamanu oil has scar reducing properties. The study consisted of subjects who had visible scars that had been present for a year or more. Over the course of 9 weeks, tamanu oil was applied on these subjects and impressive results were noted. By the end of the 6th week there was a significant improvement in the appearance of the scars. The sizes of the scars were visibly reduced by an average of 2.8mm in length and 1.2mm in width by the end of the study. If the results were that drastic, can you imagine what would happen if tamanu oil is used continuously?

How Tamanu Oil Works to Reduce Scars

The skin consists of three layers- the epidermis, dermis and hydromermis. Tamanu oil has the capacity to penetrate all three layers. The depth of the penetration explains why this oil is so effective in the regeneration and restructuring of the skin.

If you want to rid your skin of those unattractive scars, you can purchase some Tamanu oil to experience real, lasting results. You have nothing to lose but scars and you stand to gain beautiful, healthy skin. What are you waiting for?