To the makers of The Summit, I just wanted to email you to tell you how much I love love love your products. As a young mum of three children I rarely get the chance to go out and buy and try new and exciting products because of the cost and my highly sensitive skin and getting your moneys worth these days. I was lucky enough to get to try your beautiful products as my mum sent them to me from Efate in Vanuatu and I can not say enough about them.  I usually only use liquid soap as they seem to be the least irritating to my skin but as soon as I used your lovely soap I could tell straight away the moisturising effects it had on my skin and didn’t leave it feeling itchy and dry as soap usually does and smells… absolutely divine!! I also used your vanilla and coconut moisturizer and found it lovely you only have to use a small amount which is great for me as it will last and last, it went on smoothly no reaction to my skin again and the aroma stays for hours I am constantly getting comments from friends about my skin and the beautiful scents from your soaps and moisturisers with them all wanting to ‘borrow’ my ‘the Summit’ products. Thank you again I can’t wait for next lot of products to arrive!!

Your FOREVER customer Tamra Neale, QLD, AUSTRALIA