Not only your skin will thank you, but you will also help to heal the world.

Not only your skin will thank you, but you will also help to heal the world.

“Not only your skin will thank you, but you will also help to heal the world.”

Review written by Dr Agnes Frankel

As a MD, PhD, focused on dermatology, I am very picky when it comes to skincare. I see the skin, which is our biggest organ, not only through the beauty aspect, but also as a gate to our inner ecosystem. What we put on our skin gets inside the body and can either help us thrive or harm body’s inner delicate balance. What’s more I’m a proud vegan, on the mission for spreading the world with the Green Revolution, aiming for the best, high quality, natural, eco products, both for my clients and myself. That’s why my reviews are always honest and pure – the same way as the skincare products should be.

I’ve tried each of the Summit skincare line products for more than 2 months. This period of time, allowed me to truly experience how it influences my skin short and long term.

The face, body and hair care lines were founded on sustainable principles to provide high quality fair trade, natural personal care products. The greatest advantage is that the company uses only natural, high quality, ingredients, sourced from Vanuatu Islands, to create their products. Company makes all of their products at The Distillery on site, by hand.

They distil essential oils and mix them with other natural and organically grown ingredients sourced from the Islands of Vanuatu to make creams, balms, soaps, and sandalwood hydrosol based health & body products. If you have a chance to visit the place – you can have the pleasure to observe the whole production process. What’s crucial, they don’t test on animals and make the production process, together with labeling, extremely transparent, without any dirty secrets.

What’s more, not strictly connected with using the products per se, but still of a huge value for me; the Summit supports local entrepreneurs and growers. Company believes in cutting out waste of all kind and they care for the environment. Packaging is all handcrafted by the Summit team from recycled cardboard, hand made rosettes for gift packs and other local materials. Those aspects play a huge role for me and I’m looking for this kind of information, BEFORE even putting anything on my skin. Why? Because those facts help me to determine if I can trust the company, before even consider trying their products.

My Top 3 Products

1. Facial Cleansing Oil

Simple yet effective start for a skin’s morning routine, as well as night cleanse. It’s ideal for removing makeup and deeply cleaning the skin. This cleanser does an excellent job, removing all of my makeup! I’m left with clean, soft skin. With a gentle oil blend of virgin coconut oil, pure avocado oil, and pure ylang ylang Oil, it’s no wonder that I fell in love with this product. Plus the scent – it’s really relaxing.

2. Sandalwood and Tamanu Cream

An exotic, free of artificial chemicals, blend of nature’s finest tropical essential and nut oils. This skin food, as it states, is truly nourishing, naturally soothing and hydrating. I wasn’t surprised when my skin reacted to it so well. It made my skin soft, hydrated and glowing. I like using a little bit more of it at night to provide even more moisture and anti-aging benefits. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is very hydrated and refreshed. I love the consistency of the cream – creamy and quite thick, yet not leaving greasy marks. The only minus that one could point is the smell. First time I found it very strong and woody, but it’s just a matter of preference. After a while I really appreciated the scent as it helped me to relax and feel the tropics even in the middle of the winter.

3. Facial and Body Polish with green coffee bean extract

Research has shown that coffee extracts boost could be beneficial to the skin, with regard to reducing puffiness, because of their anti-inflammatory properties and brightening/reducing dark under-eye circles by increasing circulation. Facial and Body Polish is a powerful, yet very gentle skin exfoliator. It leaves the skin super soft and moisturized. The package size (50g) could be bigger, when considering using it as body polish. As it has wild honey as one of the ingredients, some strict vegans may have a second thought before using it. The scent – for me is  magical and exotic, but may be to strong for some people. It’s more of a personal take. You won’t know if you don’t try!

Final Thoughts

After using the Summit skincare line, I found my skin firmer, repaired and replenished. As I have dry, demanding skin, they helped a lot, especially during the cold wintertime.

My skin feels and looks amazing after using this combo! Putting my scientific hat on:  the line has potential to help with so many skin issues, like for example acne, fine lines or hyperpigmentation. All of the products seem to last for a while, even with everyday use.

I highly recommend trying the Summit skincare line. Not only your skin will thank you, but you will also help to heal the world.

Agnes Frankel, MD, PhD

Facial Moisturisers Lime & Ylang-Ylang

Facial Moisturisers Lime & Ylang-Ylang

Facial Moisturiser – Lime

Celeste Brittain
B.A (Hons) B.S.W
Social Worker/ Advocate…/…/facial-moisturiser-lime/ “I absolutely adore the Sandalwood Infused with Tahitian Lime facial moisturiser I bought from The Summit Vanuatu! Not only does it smell good, but it is so gentle on my skin! I suffer from rosacea so it’s really hard for me to find skin products that don’t flare my condition. Usually my skin burns red when I put a moisturiser on. But the opposite happened with The Summit Vanuatu’s facial moisturiser. It is actually soothing to my face. And My skin just absorbs it right up. It’s not oily at all. It has a great texture about it. It’s such a beautiful product that I would recommend. And it is 100% vegan and therefore cruelty free. I absolutely love that about it and of all The Summit Vanuatu range”
Feel free Bec to pass on my feedback to your team. Am very happy to support an all natural, vegan line that gives back to the community and that is wonderful to use!


Janine’s Choice for December- Sandalwood infused with Ylang Ylang Moisturiser




Sandalwood infused with Ylang Ylang Moisturiser

Well it is almost the end of the year and we are all getting our skin ready for Summer! Summer skin needs to be well nourished from the inside and the outside! It also needs to be well protected so don’t forget your sunscreen! 

I have been using a fabulous moisturiser from one of my favourite, favourite Natural Skincare Companies…The Summit Vanuatu. I love everything about this moisturiser…it’s texture, fragrance, feel on my skin and most importantly…its effectiveness.

​Usually, there is something about a product that I can fault, be it price, fragrance, texture and feel or effectiveness. Not with this moisturiser. It ticks all my boxes for price, natural ingredients, fragrance, texture and feel, and effectiveness.

People have been asking me what I have been doing for my skin as my complexion looks clearer and healthier. I am pleased to tell them that the only new thing I have been doing  is using the Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang Moisturiser from The Summit Vanuatu!

There is a lot to love about this moisturiser- particularly the natural ingredients:

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure Sandalwood Water, Sandalwood Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Pure Tamanu Oil, Natural Vitamin E and Grapefruit seed extract.

And that’s it!

​Natural, Healthy, Not tested on animals, Pure and effective. 

This moisturiser is an all natural, daily antidote for tired, inflamed and sensitive skin. The Summit Vanuatu pride themselves on using only the purist quality ingredients of Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang oils (grown by them) which are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Also the amazing Tamanu oil is a proven healing oil, which is also one of the most valued oils in the world for healing and rejuvenating skin. For more information on the benefits and properties of Tamanu Oil you may like to read my review

​I can definitely see a difference in my skin colour while using this moisturiser. I suffer from Rosacea and always have redness on my cheeks and décolletage…now my skin is even-toned and does not look so red. I would even go so far as to say that my brown pigmentation has also faded and is less noticeable! 

​Unlike many companies, The Summit Vanuatu stand firmly behind their products and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase! 


If you love natural skincare that is effective and does not smell like artificial flowers or fragrance, and uses only pure natural ingredients that have research to back up their effectiveness, then you, like me, will love the products from The Summit Vanuatu. 

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Facial Mosituriser Ylang-Ylang

Facial Mosituriser Ylang-Ylang

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Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream Review

Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream Review

Reviews for Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream

  1. 5 out of 5

    Steve B.:

    I have always been sceptical of natural products, but whilst staying with friends I tried this product as an after shave moisturiser to replace my tube of artificial chemicals. And I love it! Also, I get the occasional basal cell carcinoma skin cancer on my face, which I have removed by surgery. What I have also found is that this cream seems to be clearing it up. It is early days yet but I am hopeful I will not need that operation.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I recently visited your store in port vila Vanuatu where I brought this cream I love it it’s cleared up all my dry skin and eczema on my hands and arms I also used it on my face and it’s the clearest it’s ever been!!!

  3. The Summit Vanuatu

    5 out of 5

    The Summit Vanuatu:


    My favourite is the tamanu and sandalwood cream. It is the best healing and moisturising product I have ever used. It is a definite try. AM xx


    Buy Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream

The Summits’ Tamanu Oil Reviews

The Summits’ Tamanu Oil Reviews

6 reviews for Tamanu Oil

    1. 5 out of 5

      Ashley, Bateau Bay, Australia:

      If your thinking of buying Tamanu Oil, do it. This Pure oil is the real deal, the best medicine I have ever used and has the most healing power of anything I have used..I had terrible psoriasis or that’s what the doctors said. Mostly on my legs and it got worse over the period of about ten years, I used chemicals, natural and pretty mush any old wives’tale I heard…nothing got to the stage where I just put nothing and it was like an open wound at times. If you’ve had anything like this I don’t have to explain the itch and inflamed and broken scabby…Its terrible and the embarrassment is even worse…It’s in your head but hate people seeing me looking like the living dead…I think if your suffering from a skin condition like this and the patches are kind of bigger than spots, I would recommend getting the soap as well and having a bath everyday..I did for almost every day for a few months now my skin has recovered so much I can do just showers now.

    1. 5 out of 5

      Cath Russell:

      Yes it is fantastic! We visited the summit in February this year and that’s where I bought my first bottle. I use it on my dermatitis on my fingers and get great results!
      I’m also starting to use it on my face – I’ll let you know how that goes :)
      Thanks again!

    1. 5 out of 5


      I had my doubts about natural remedies but after using this Tamanu Oil for two months I’m completely sold on it’s benefits. This oil has had so many positive effects I’m not sure where to start. I have had zero zits since using it. It has decreased the size of my pours, nourished my dry ‘t-zone’ and literally solved my oily skin issue as well as reduced a sun spot and made my wrinkles go away. I used some on my 12 year old daughter who suffers from a skin condition that causes little bumps on the back of her arms and face. In two days, this Tamanu Oil did what creams and medicine couldn’t. Her face is totally clear and her arms are significantly better. This stuff really is a miracle oil

    1. 5 out of 5

      Susan (verified owner):

      Hi Lesley,

      I put the tamanu oil on first and then often my usual moisturiser over the top – sometimes just the tamanu on its own.

      I know some people don’t like to put oil on their face but I love it. Also some people don’t like the smell but I’d rather that earthy smell than some petroleum based product … or whatever…

      Im 50 now so a bit late – wish I’d started using it when I was 20. I use the analogy of a leaf that’s fallen off a tree in autumn – it dries and breaks up. Got to stay well hydrated to have good looking skin.

      I also use it on my hair – with a treatment – leave it on for half an hour or so. Beautiful !!!

      See… told you I love it !

      Have a nice afternoon,

    1. 5 out of 5

      Heather (verified owner):

      This Tamanu oil is the closest thing I’ve ever found to a miracle skin healer. We are so lucky to have it available to us. I will never want to be without it. My acne prone skin responds really well to this. After cleansing, followed by toning with the Sandalwood hydrosol/or Lime Toner, I combine about four drops Tamanu oil and one drop Sandalwood oil to moisturize my face. I contribute this routine to my renewed complexion. Very happy with this product!

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rebecca Jane Carless(verified owner):

    This oil is the Panacea. I am incredibly blessed with skin that does not have major issues, but for me I use it on cuts and abrasions as a rapid healer. I am a gardener, so I often will use it on my hands when I finnish to make use of its antibacterial and healing properties.


    Buy Tamanu Oil

Salve It-Magic Fix All Reviews

Salve It-Magic Fix All Reviews

7 reviews for Salve It!! – Magic Fix-All Ointment

  1. The Summit Vanuatu
5 out of 5

The Summit Vanuatu:

From: Terri Marmo []
Sent: Thursday, 5 March 2015 1:09 AM
To: Shop
Subject: Re: FW: Congratulations! The Summit Vanuatu Valentines Day Entrant! Everyone is a Winner!

Look forward to your response and my goodies- especially my new salve it. The little one is getting low and having had plastic surgery on hand reconstruction in January for a nasty fracture it’s awesome for scar healing, pain and swelling. My hand therapist is amazed at my recovery progress.
Kind regards
Terrilee Marmo


    1. 5 out of 5

      Diane McGrath (verified owner):

      Love this product! Bought a small jar whilst visiting the Summit and wished I bought 10 large jars! I have been using this as a face cream and its really made a noticable difference, so much so, my friends & family have commented on how good my skin looks! My wrinkles are reduced, my skin tone is great and feels really hydrated. About to order alot more!


    1. The Summit Vanuatu

      5 out of 5

      The Summit Vanuatu: Natalia – Auckland

      The products we have used so far have all been really good. Our favourite is the Salve It cream because it fixes just about every skin problem! We also really like the Coconut and Lime Moisturising Body and Bath Oil, which smells really nice and feels very good on the skin. We like the other products we have used too and we are looking forward to trying the new ones we have ordered (Online Shop). I really appreciate the care you take with your products and your customers! Thank you again for your excellent service and products.
      Natalia, Auckland NZ


    1. 4 out of 5

      George Manik:

      I bought some recently whilst on holidays & to honest i felt sorry for the young lady trying to sell this product as most of the visitors just walked in & out without saying anything,anyhow i’ve been using this product for the last 3 weeks & my arms which are normally dry look great soft & pliable
      love the cream ,my mistake i didnt buy more but now i will


    1. 5 out of 5


      This stuff is the best! I finally got my hands on some about 8 months ago and have only used half of it since you need such a small amount. The best thing to put on sunburn (after your aloe)and I have found it stops you peeling and helps to sooth the burn. I have told lots of people about it and they are all now looking to try it too.


    1. The Summit Vanuatu

      5 out of 5

      The Summit Vanuatu:

      Fiona Worden
      1 February at 21:18
      Review…. Salve it….. Bought product whilst on holiday, figured give it a try turns out to be a Great product great for clearing up acne and skin infection that medicines can’t best of all its natural. Have ordered more.


    1. The Summit Vanuatu

      5 out of 5

      The Summit Vanuatu:

      Polina Hapi
      Yesterday at 7:51pm.
      I want to share with everyone my secret weapon Salve It! which I use for pretty much everything: as a daily face moisturiser, on any cuts, burns, overworked hands (gardening, washing, cooking… skin on my hands started to peel!). It really is magic, and made from all natural Vanuatu ingredients that smell divine. I have been using it for several years now and it beats every other cream, oil or natural remedy I tried in the past. Well done The Summit Vanuatu!


  1. 5 out of 5

    Lenka (verified owner):

    This is definitely magic! Soothes and repairs my dry and cracked hands virtually overnight. Our whole family has been using this ointment for over 2 years, specially after a lot of washing up, gardening and on our ski trips. It literally saves our skin. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product, just reordered again online.

Body Butters & Moisturiser Reviews

Body Butters & Moisturiser Reviews

I. Our Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Moisturiser
51000497Rebecca Jane Carless (verified owner) – July 7, 2015:
Oh my gosh I cannot believe that, 4 years after this amazing place opened, I am the first to review this product. I love this moisturizer, and it basically sells itself to anyone I show it to. Basically, smells like lime baked cheesecake. It is LOVELY! It is particularly good in hot weather, as it has a beautiful cooling feeling, that is also great in the humid tropics. I realize after using this how truly thirsty my skin is – so satisfying

This versatile beauty is a multi-tasking, super efficient, get the job done, no nonsense lotion which nourishes your skin from your face to your hands to your toes. Rich, emollient, softening and moisturising – this tantalizing all purpose lotion has it all.

Buy Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Moisturiser


II. Our Sandalwood, Cardamom & Mandarin Body Butter

Merran – October 11, 2014:
I’ve been using The Summit’s new Sandalwood Body Butter now for over a month and feel a real difference in the hydration of my skin. The scent is a refreshing mix of cardamom and mandarin, with a creamy texture that my skin just drinks up. It’s difficult to find a body moisturiser that is wearable in our humid tropical climate, but I think I’ve finally found the one. Definitely a staple in my bathroom, I love it!

Pamper yourself with a voluptuous whipped cream concoction of cocoa butter, nangai oil and sandalwood water. The velvety texture, pleasant fragrance and emollient properties of cocoa butter and nangai oil are joined by the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits of sandalwood water. This means your skin will be so protected, nourished, supple and alive, but never greasy.

Buy Sandalwood, Cardamom & Mandarin Body Butter

III. Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Body Butter 

Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Body Butter

Ginny – October 11, 2014:
I wanted to pass on some feedback on The Summit’s Canarium Nut Body Butter (Sandalwood, Lime and Vanilla). I have used it a couple of times now and absolutely love it – amazing texture and really lovely smell. Perfect moisturiser for slightly dry skin. I am a big fan of The Summit products!

Canarium indicum (known as Nangai in Vanuatu) is among the oldest and most important tree crops in Melanesia. Its oil contains healthy fatty acids which give it excellent emollient properties. We combine this with the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory skin care benefits of Sandalwood Water to leave your skin with a refreshed, firm, healthy, hydrated and most of all, happy, feeling.

Buy Sandalwood, Lime & Vanilla Body Butter 

Acne Be Gone Range Review

Acne Be Gone Range Review

The Acne Be Gone range is the best treatment that I have ever used for my pimples. I have tried almost everything and nothing worked for me. After just using the soap, toner, and tamanu oil overnight, I noticed the next morning that the existing pimples have dried out. And not even a couple of weeks later, my face has started to clear up. No more breakouts. It feels so smooth and doesn’t look dull anymore. I’m so grateful for my friend Michelle from the Summit who introduced me to their wonderful products. They are highly recommended! Will definitely continue buying and might try the other product range.

Very happy customer,





My 1st Batch of Order before Acne Be Gone Range was introduced to me.

lynda 2




Wonderful collection of many new feedback!

Wonderful collection of many new feedback!

Many Feedback from Rebecca Bond’s family & friends! Australia

Hi Ladies, great to hear from you both and glad that all is well.

Comments re: the deodorant and products in general – feel free to use for website or just take as feedback

“Love the deodorant, it works well for me. Only negative is it is slightly too hard, could be a little softer” – Jill (Aunt)


“SUMMIT VANUATU, health & beauty products that help you reach your peak…naturally” Stephanie (sister)

“It’s a great deodorant…” – Katrina (friend)

“People tell me I stink a little less now. It’s good” – Matt (friend. I think he was being slightly silly)


“As others have said, it’s a great deodorant – i like the smell, it doesn’t irritate my underarms and it keeps me not stinky – but is hard to apply. I figure it’ll get easier when the weather is warmer, and having it in the shower is a good idea. I’ll sit it in the caddy when i get home tonight and see how it goes” – Debbie (Friend)


“i think i’m just finding the same thing as others with the hardness of the deodorant… i think it wouldn’t bother me that it’s hard if they had a little digging tool or something for it” – Kimmy (Best Friend) and mum was struggling a bit with the coconut oil moisturiser because of the hardness but the products themselves are beautiful

There you go, hope that helps. Also my mother Jennies feedback about the deodorant is she loves it and finds it even more effective than traditional deodorants, especially on the dreaded synthetics which usually get quite pongy.


My cousin Adrian and I both agree that we both feel that as it is not an anti-persperant that our whole body feels like it gets less hot and breathes better.


51000509[1]“what i’m finding is that because it smells so wonderful when you apply it, and is so gentle on your skin, it kind of makes cleaning your face and body more like something that i look forward to every day rather than just another activity to get through. All of the products feel and smell different so I’m always anticipating what the next soap or the next cream might be like” – Kimmy (Best friend)



i think the oil cleanser is my favourite – Kimmy – best friend






The list of ingredients are simply natural and lovely!

The list of ingredients are simply natural and lovely!

I have had a difficult time trying to choose which product I would feature for June.  So…back to my choice for June!I really could not decide which product to choose! I was torn between Sandalwood Water or the Sandalwood Body Butter, as I feel that both are superior, natural products.It was a difficult decision, but I finally settled onSandalwood Body Butter with Ylang Ylang, a rich, fresh and earthy butter for the entire body. I have not written a review of this product as yet…but it certainly deserves one! This body butter is light, yet rich and covers your body with a veil of moisturising oils and sandalwood. I love the feel of it on my skin. It is soothing and I love the earthy Ylang Ylang scent with the fragrance of the Sandalwood Water…smells wonderful!

Once again, I am impressed with this company’s ingredients and value for price.  At just $19.95 AUD for a generous 100gm, this is excellent value for money. As it is a  super rich butter, it goes a long way.  All products made by The Summit Vanuatu are suitable for Vegans, have no animal testing, and all products are sourced from sustainable farming and orchards from local farmers in Vanuatu. For more on the benefits of Sandalwood on your skin and sustainable production, visit my Review on The Summit Vanuatu Sandalwood Water. I really am impressed with this company’s ethics, commitment to the local community and economy, and their encouragement for local farmers to be environmentally aware and replace their resources.


If you are looking for an all natural product to generously lather over your skin, then this body butter ticks all the right boxes!  The list of ingredients are simply natural and lovely.Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Sandalwood Water, Cocoa Butter, Nangai Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, vegetable derived emulsifying wax, Natural Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed Extract. That’s it! No hidden nasties!

Free Shipping is offered for orders of $100…and believe me…you can purchase a lot of lovely products for $100! It will feel like Christmas when you unpack your box of goodies! I know that from experience!
by Janine P. , Natural & Organic Product User, Natural Soap Maker, Australia