I was lucky enough to receive some of your products as a gift while pregnant. I loved using the coconut oil while pregnant it helped with the itchy belly feeling and made me feel amazing on days that were hard to get through. A little goes a long way and it lasted me my entire pregnancy, and I was always getting compliments about how nice I smelt and how I reminded people of summer holidays at the beach and fun in the sun. I also received some of the Tamanu Oil I had heard it had healing properties and could be used on pretty much anything. My son had what doctors thought was eczema or what could become eczema; very dry skin on his face and cracks behind his ears. I started using the Tamanu Oil morning and night behind the ears and over his face and within 3 days his ears had cleared up and his face is not as dry. The results were amazing we had tried a other creams with no luck, I have since been spreading the news about this amazing product to others I know that suffer skin problems.
Thank you for such wonderful, amazing and beautiful products I am a very happy and satisfied customer.