I would like you to know just what Tamanu Oil has done for me. While visiting my daughter in Vanuatu my daughter noticed the sun sore on my nose and bought me some Tamaun Oil which I kept applying with a cotton bud each night and using “Vanilla and Coconut Moisturiser” on my face of a day. Over about eight weeks the sore on my nose had disappeared and my skin on my face is better than ever. I am nearly 80 years old and am very allergic having had 2 bowel cancer operations hence I have to be careful what I use. Before this I have had 3 lots of plastic surgeries to remove similar sores. I am extremely pleased with these results, natural verses knife. I always keep Tamanu Oil in the bath room and I don’t know what I would have done without it!

A happy customer, Ursula Ainslie, AUSTRALIA