Here at The Summit Vanuatu, we created raw & natural deodorant. There have been so many  reports and news we see and read, that if you google, bing and yahoo research, you will find that using commercial deodorants which contain aluminium, parabens and other toxic chemicals are detrimental to one’s health – that these can cause breast cancer and other ill health over time. Whether there’s truth to those fears or not, we would like to be able to supply everyone who is looking for pure organic natural alternative deodorant, thus the birth of our Raw & Natural Deodorant. Also, here in Vanuatu, we are so blessed with Top Quality Coconut Oil which is our key ingredient in our natural deodorant.

Our Raw & Natural Deodorant Ingredients are all so pure, natural & edible, so you are not introducing toxins into your body.

What is in our Raw & Natural Deodorant? What Makes our Natural Deodorant so desirable for your good health?

  1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

What makes it a key ingredient in our deodorant? Virgin Coconut Oil contains antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & cleansing properties that keep bad bacteria which is causing the bad underarm odour away.

2. Cocoa Butter

What makes cocoa butter a good ingredient in our deodorant? We are using cocoa butter which has natural anti-oxidant properties as our natural preservative to give our deodorant a good shelf-life.

3. Manioc Flour

Why Manioc Flour? Manioc flour is our South Pacific equivalent of arrowroot flour and we use it to help balance the effects of baking soda experienced by some people.   It helps keep underarm rashes at bay.

 4. Baking Soda

Why baking soda? It helps neutralizes the production of acid in the underarm area. This also acts as antiseptic that keeps bad bacteria at bay and helps keep bad underarm odour away.

51000305sHave you noticed we do not put any ingredient that will STOP sweating? That our Deodorant is not an Anti-Perspirant? There is a reason behind this.  We know that it is healthy to sweat! Sweating is important, this is one of the means that our body uses to release unwanted toxins from inside our body.  Your toxins can escape with our Deodorant!

How to use our Natural Deodorant?

Open the container, then dab your finger tip into it (small amount is all you need)  and then spread the deodorant on both your underarms. Coconut Oil solidifies at 24˚c so you may need to keep your jar somewhere warm for ease of use, bearing in mind that it is still effective even when soldified.

PS:  Discontinue using it if you are allergic to any of our raw & natural ingredients listed on the label.


Happy Underarms, no risk of toxic chemicals in your blood stream, no bad underarm smell!

Buy It, Use It, Be Happy & Your Underarms Happy with It, with the knowledge that all ingredients are edible foods, not synthetic harmful chemicals.