Where do we begin?

It’s been a very long CHALLENGING month after Pam. It feels like it’s forever!

We are assuming you have all heard of Cyclone Pam which was a Category 5 cyclone which visited Vanuatu on Friday 13 March. Pam has caused us to lose 95% of our local sales here in Vila because tourists have stopped coming. One month on major resorts and hotels are still closed for rehabilitation works. P&O Cruiselings /Cruise shippers have now started coming back but only with a limited number of visits. One problem we have is that the main road to The Summit – Devils Point Road – was completely washed away during Pam, and we also sustained some damage to the famous Summit Hill, so even for those intrepid tourists who do come to Vila, it is virtually unthinkable that they would want to brave the alternate roads to come up here to buy our products.

The Summit Gardens

The Summit Garden

The Summit Garden

The Summit Gardens was trashed, with lots of big trees and foliage being ripped apart. A mammoth clean up job is restoring some sort of order into it again but we have decided not to re-open it until further notice – it is just not as beautiful and serene as it once was, BUT time alone can work wonders with a damaged tropical garden. This opening may coincide with the tourists coming back, we hope in about July – however, if you want to come earlier than that, please do so as tourism has always been Vanuatu’s largest export earner and Vanuatu would absolutely love to see you all again. #VanuatuStillSmiles.

So how do we compensate for the loss of such a big market for our health & body products?

We know the only option is to increase our online shop sales and to this effect, we are going to have some really great promotions over the coming months and you, dear lovers of our products, are the ones who will benefit from these great deals.
Having said the above, we want you to know that we believe we at The Summit fared very well compared with many others in Vanuatu. Sandalwood tree losses were very small – only about 2% of the total trees we are growing up here, and some of them may yield some oil anyway.

We are running a Campaign asking for TRADE NOT AID… found here http://us3.campaign-archive1.com/?u=deae082f76a453f88cb9d2059&id=02c8e7e95f

Cyclone Pam Can Help You Too…


If you will help us re-build our business, we also get to continue supplying you nothing but pure.natural.beneficial zero toxic health & products – that is safe for you & your family… Fantastic, Right?! You have supported us before and have loved our products…

please don’t stop now!

· Our Fabulous Zero-Toxic Health & Body Products
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· A chance to win a Fabulous Prize worth A$97.95
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We need to sell stocks of products we had on hand for the local tourist market, lots of lovely fresh local raw ingredients need a loving home, and most importantly we need to increase our income so we can keep employing our wonderful 16 local staff who make those products and clean up the gardens. These staff actually walked 10 km a day to and from The Summit to get to work post cyclone until the alternate roads were cleared so that a staff bus could pass, now that is devotion to the cause….

We take great pride and joy with all our products that we create and handcraft, using recipes which we learnt from our Melanesian ancestors, we don’t really want to stop making our products now! We would also like to continue helping our other natural ingredients growers, farmers that we work with… If we stop now… those in the islands who are dependent on us for incomes will also suffer…

HELP Us to Help Ourselves!!!

20150407_131947We’re looking for kind-hearted souls to support us and our 16 local staff, those other businesses which are dependent on us like our other plant growers, internet provider & server, web builder, graphic designer, post office, transport/buses that takes our staff up and back home and also to keep our production facility operational by exchanging your funds for our zero-toxic health & body products! Safe for you & your family!!! AND if you purchase $101 or over worth of products, you will go into a draw to win A PRIZE RETAILING AT $97.95:

· 1 x 10ml bottle of our pure Sandalwood Oil (RRP $69.95)
· 1 X 10ml of our recently harvested pure Tahitian Lime Oil (RRP $19.95)
· 1 X 100gm Sandalwood & Tahitian Lime Limited Edition soap (RRP $7.95)

Please kindly find some suggestions below which might appeal to you & avail a 10% discount using pam678 at checkout!

Great for Gift Giving, Personal Use and Give Aways!

stmp1. Tropical Island Therapy Pack x 1 or 2
2. Buy Gift Packs over A$30 x 2
3. Buy Pure Sandalwood Oil 10ml x 2
4. Buy 100gm Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream x 3– The Best facial cream which is anti-ageing, erases fine lines, moisturizes your face, treats acne/lumps naturally – A dab is all you need and a 3 minute facial massage.
5. Buy any of our Home & Garden Product range x 3
6. Buy any of Body Foams/Body Buddy 150ml x 6 or 60ml x 12
7. Buy any for your Dad, Husband and children from 15 years old
8. Buy any of our Essential & Other Natural Oils 150ml x 5
9. Or choose any from our Shop worth A$101

Now remember! All orders above A$100 gets free shipping Worldwide! And a chance to win our Luxurious Prize worth A$97.95 with Free Shipping! All customers who order A$101 or above of our products will enter the Raffle Draw on the 30th April, Tuesday at 10:00am!

Enjoy Shopping and Enjoy Helping Us Help Ourselves!!!

We are all excited and are all ready to fill and ship all of your orders!!! Your support will make our day!!!

Thanks heaps for taking the time & effort to read & to show your Most Loving support!

Yours Naturally,
The Summit Vanuatu Team


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