Hi All! Thanks for stopping by again! How are you this fine crisp glorious day? I hope you’re alright and I hope that that you’ll enjoy reading too! Let’s talk about why do you, our Team and I would want you to try The Summits’ natural skin care products and why natural skin care products nowadays are in and why so many including myself are highly recommending to switching to using it. I & our team personally wants to have our skin clear, moisturised, young & healthy looking skin but we don’t want to expose ourselves to those nasty’s anymore that research and studies have found in many mass produced skin care products are posing some risks to our health. How about you? We know that you don’t want that either… So where do you start?

Switching to natural skin care products may not be as easy as 1,2,3 as it may sound and look… but trust me, it’s all worth your time, money & effort. If you have been meaning to switch – the 1st step is to read the benefits of the ingredients of the natural product that you want to try, the company’s mission & vision, policy and where products are created and if you like what you read and is in alignment with your values then buy it and use it. You’ve probably noticed both on my FB and Linked-In accounts that I keep on raving and talking on and on and on and highly recommending the Summits Natural skin care products… How come? you’d ask… My answer is that it’s because I’ve seen amazing results myself, seen & read many wonderful feedback and testimonials from real users and that I personally didn’t experience any bad reactions. Many have noticed my skin transformation. I’ve received many compliments and praises. I have the Summit to thank for that. If only someone had shared to me about them a long time ago, I would’ve preferred that. As you may’ve read my previous musing, you’ll know how much of a natural product user I am and you’ll know how much I’d thought that my skin was clear and was healthy. I was very wrong!Anyhow, prior to using any of their products- I also did my own research about the ingredients because I’m scared to use anything that’s new to me! So, I checked my past history of allergies in case that I may be allergic to any of the listed natural ingredients such as Sandalwood, Tamanu, Virgin Coconut, Nangai, Theobroma Cacao, Green Coffee Bean, Tahitian Lime… Others like Vit. E, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Ylang-Ylang, Honey. Thankfully, I wasn’t!! Part of my work here as Pharmacist is also to make sure that our production and manufacturing facility is strictly following cGMP at all times. Our manufacturing site is well kept, organized and maintained clean!

I’m so thankful that the Summit is here in Vanuatu. I asked Jim & Lesley Batty who are the Managing & Finance Directors – what prompt them to start this skin caring business? I found out that one of their logic and philosophies before they started their creation was that according to them – “quote & quote” “because everyone if not all washes, bathe and cleanses daily and some may use creams & moisturisers and perfumes and or body mists, why don’t we create products like these but are purely natural where we can also use?” So, they did! However, before all that, they too did all their research and studies about ingredients they’ll use that is readily available in Vanuatu – thanks to Houda, Carlene Martin & Ben Brookman and everyone involved – they found out that Vanuatu and in their plantation is blessed and rich with so skin caring and so skin loving plants! And for that, I’m so thankful! We can all now enjoy washing and bathing using products that is purely natural and very healthy if you’re not allergic to any of its ingredients.

Our Skin – You see our skin which many of you know already is the largest organ in our body and is composed of many cells & tissues pretty much like our insides. Our skin also serves as a shield that assists in keeping our insides protected from the outside elements such as our environment and what we use and apply daily. Our skin I believe is the most neglected part of our body and that is taken for granted. I used to – I’ve never really used to think this way until 6 to 7 years ago now. They say that how our skin look & feel reflects the state of our health inside. They also say that 60% of what we apply and use on our skin may be absorbed into our bloodstream. So, we really want to feed & nourish it with real skin food ingredients. You will find that The Summit contains real skin food ingredients – full of anti-oxidants, vitamin. e, highly emollient and highly moisturising properties, anti-inflammatory, natural antibiotic, safe, ethical, sustainable, cruelty free, vegan, eco-friendly and extremely hydrating. Ants will eat your Summit products too if you will not keep your products safe from them. Yes, the sink that I am using was shared by many ants the 1st night I displayed all my Summit skin food in this sink! Well, all my skin food are well kept now!

Your Benefits in using natural skin care products. There are many reasons why many natural skin care users and natural skin care creator recommends the use of non-harsh and not mass produced skin care products; basically – natural skin care products like The Summit. You can find these myriad benefits on the web everywhere. If you continue reading you’ll find some of these below. Many research and studies done in the past and more nowadays have resulted in finding many harsh ingredients found in many mass produced personal care products including skin care and  home care products that may be posing risks to our health – some are saying can lead to breast cancer and many other illnesses, skin diseases ie eczema, dry skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, allergies, etc. I couldn’t really agree 100% because I wasn’t there during those research and studies. What I can suggest though is that if you also don’t like those nasty ingredients anymore, I’m very happy & proud to say that there are so many natural skin & home products available for everyone to choose and try. I highly recommend The Summit Vanuatu health & body products if you like our Pure natural Tropical Ingredients.

So, what happens if you do choose The Summits’ natural skin care products? What are your Benefits? First of all, you will be feeding your skin with real skin food ingredients. You’ll maintain and make your skin clear, moisturised, hydrated, young, vibrant and healthy looking skin but WITHOUT the unwanted chemicals that may be found in many other mass produced skin care products and where some may still be found in skin care products that are labelled natural or organic if you are not careful which I experienced first hand. Rest assured,  you will not find anything artificial, harmful nor toxic harsh chemicals in the Summit Natural Skin Care except if you are naturally allergic to the listed real skin food ingredients. It may be a little costly to become natural user but you can be sure that what you are applying on your skin and what you are letting your family use are real skin food, safe, healthy, ethical & sustainable.

What does The Summit Vanuatu create? The Summit Vanuatu creates beautiful soaps, body foams, balms, salves, creams, moisturisers, butters, cleansers, toners… great for kids to young adult to adult to elderly – kids, men & women alike. The Summit also distil pure essential oils such as Sandalwood oil, Tahitian lime oil, Mandarin oil, Tangelo Oil… The Summit also have pure tropical oils too such as virgin coconut oil, pure tamanu oil, pure nangai oil. Truly The Summit have many natural skin care selection to suit your need – WELL SUITED for any skin types and skin color (except when you are allergic to any of its ingredients) that contains pure natural ingredients – real food for our skin – selected from the best tropical oils found in Vanuatu which is also found to be the best skin caring oils from our nature. Vanuatu is also one of the many Tropical countries to be blessed with these natural plants that produce all these healthy pure natural oils. The Summit is lucky & blessed to be located here. Quite frankly, I, you and all our team is also lucky that The Summit is sharing all these blessings of Vanuatu’s natural goodness, real skin food created and handpacked in tubs/tubes/bottles and made all these ready to be purchased and shipped to you wherever you are. Take advantage! I promise you, you will enjoy the benefits!

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What do I recommend for facial & neck care among The Summit products? If you have been trying to find good quality facial cleanser, facial toner & Facial Moisturiser – I highly recommend what I am currently using – your facial & neck skin  might also love The Summits Facial cleansing Oil, Facial Hydrating Toner & Facial Moisturiser.  Try them to see and spend some quality time, effort & money. Whilst at it, buy the mask & the polish too to do on a weekly basis. All these contain Pure Sandalwood Oil – which makes The Summit products very special and unique. I’m also using our soaps, body foams, shampoo bar and hair conditioner. If you’ll come visit me, you’ll see all The Summit in our shower room and sink I’m using. I truly love The Summit Natural Skin Care! You’ll love them too if you’ll give it a chance! I’m always excited to use them! I always look forward to using them! According to one of the feedback that we received is “what i’m finding is that because it smells so wonderful when you apply it, and is so gentle on your skin, it kind of makes cleaning your face and body more like something that i look forward to every day rather than just another activity to get through. All of the products feel and smell different so I’m always anticipating what the next soap or the next cream might be like” – Kimmy.

If you are not sure what you will get and which one to try first – The Summit have balms, butters & moisturisers in 10gm sizes to try on your skin first before getting the bigger size to save. We have also collected many product feedback from real users that you can find at our Testimonials Page and some found in the product page.

You can also e-mail me at michelle.boniel@thesummitvanuatu.com to send in your inquiries if you like.

Many natural skin care users also find it very beneficial if you use natural skin care products that contains real skin food ingredients like The Summit to be less to zero skin irritations, fewer to no headaches, less allergies, less to non skin contact dermatitis, less eczema flare ups, less episodes of psoriasis attacks. The other best thing is you will also feel lighter, less aggressive and you will also feel good about yourself like I do and many natural users may also feel everytime we use natural products that are eco-vegan & animal friendly – because in our little way we are somehow helping save our environment and that no animals were hurt during the development of any of the created products.

Again, please don’t just take any of the bloggers or writers or product reviewers like myself, please do your own homework and research and use to see. Use only what’s best for your skin.

As for me and many of The Summit products users, our over all skin including our hair is very happy with The Summits’ Health & Body products. Also, if I have forgotten to mention — The Summit is Vegan – Eco – Animal friendly – Healthy – Ethical & Sustainable. You will also appreciate The Summit’s packaging policy.

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Honestly, hand on my heart – all of our Team would really want you to Try & Switch to the Summit products  – because we want to take care of your precious skin purely, naturally & gently – spend some quality time, effort and money – if you haven’t yet.  You will not regret it if you are not allergic to any of it! I have never been happier in this aspect. My only regret is I was too skeptical to use it and nobody really informed me about how good their products really are when they first made these available back in Nov. 2011. Don’t wait about 3 years to regret and feel how I felt. My skin is never happier & never been fed with real skin food full of anti-oxidants, vitamin. e, highly emollient, highly moisturising, anti-inflammatory, natural antibiotic, safe, ethical, sustainable, cruelty free, vegan, eco-friendly and extremely hydrating until The Summit.

PS: Make sure that you are not allergic to any of The Summits pure & natural ingredients.

Yes we really do want to take care of your precious skin the natural, the purist and the gentlest way. We really want you and your family to have clear, beautiful, vibrant, healthy and young looking skin but without the reported harsh chemicals, artificial ingredients.  The Summit is lucky to be located in the tropics where all these natural skin loving ingredients that we use are readily available for us to create all that we create for our team and for you. We are here because we want you to use and learn to love us too. We also want to save you the time in creating your own natural skin care where you can use this then free time to spend with your family and or use this then free time in doing other things that you have been meaning to do but just don’t have the time.

Let us take care of your skin because your Skin’s Health is one of our Missions.

You can select and BUY our natural skin care here online and or enjoy shopping at our temp. flagship shop next to Tanna Coffee when here in Vanuatu!

Thanks again for taking your time reading my musing! Until next time! Please feel free to share with your family & friends!

Yours Naturally,

Michelle, RPh