What are your benefits for using our summit natural skin care products? Using our natural skin care products also means that you are feeding your skin with real food ingredients, not artificial harmful chemicals. That’s really good right? Real  skin food matters if one chooses to be natural, healthy, eco-vegan-animal friendly and if one wants to  maintain their skins’ youthful glow and radiance – purely, gently & naturally.


Our skin care real food ingredients are known to be safe and have anti-oxidant properties which is very important in maintaining youthfulness & natural glow. These have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep our skin smooth and blood flow healthy and this gives our skins a natural glow.  They contain natural antibiotics that help keep the bad bacteria from hiding underneath our skin pores which contributes to its dullness look.  What is more, they contain ingredients that are highly emollient and highly moisturising that can help keep our skin hydrated and moisturised, young looking, vibrant and most importantly healthy – purely, gently & naturally. Using our natural skin care products also means our skin will maintain its youthful glow & natural radiance, become clearer, beautiful, moisturised & young looking without inhaling and without absorbing those reported harsh nasty chemicals that we may find in mass-produced skin care products.  It is a fact that we can still find these nasties in skin care products that are also labelled natural or organic so it is vital to be vigilant and read the labels of what we want to buy for our precious skin. Rest assured, what you are buying from us, are pure, natural, organic and beneficial (as long as you’re not allergic to any of our listed ingredients).

If you are not sure which one to use from our natural skin food selection, e-mail us at shop@thesummitvanuatu.com – let our Pharmacist help you make an informed choice.

You may find our Real Users’ Testimonials can help you decide which of our products to try first. These are found at our Testimonials Page and some are also found inside our products’ pages. Our Pharmacist’s newly published blog Why do you really want to try The Summit’s natural skin care products? may also help you to decide to switch to The Summit Skin care range of products to care for you and your family’s’ precious skin.

Also, because  our ingredients are real skin food, our products are well suited for any skin types and any skin colour in any climate as long as you are not allergic to any of our real skin food Key Ingredients – Sandalwood, Tamanu, Virgin Coconut Oil, Nangai Oil, Green Coffee Bean, Tahitian Lime Oil, and others like Honey, Vitamin E Natural, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vanilla, Mandarin, and Ylang-Ylang.

Thanking you all once again for continuously loving and enjoying our natural skin care products that we are always creating with love, care & respect for our own use and for you!

Our newest ranges created for you & your family are:

 Acne Be Gone
Sandalwood Family Daily Care Pack

Please never hesitate to e-mail us for any related questions.  Remember All Orders above A$100 are FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and don’t forget our NO RISK TO YOU 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

PS: We added a new Category called “Samples” where you can trial our balms, butter, creams & moisturisers in 10gm sizes so you will know which essential oil profile most suits your mood and personality at https://www.thesummitvanuatu.com/products/try-me-sizes/

Stay Happy & Stay Gorgeously Natural!

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